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- Periodic Table of Videos: video clips of each element - Spark Notes chemistry study guides (Harvard) - Spectra Online: IR, MS, NMR, UV/VIS, NIR spectra - Theoretical Chemistry: a self-guided introduction for college students - Page/Web Elements: the periodic table on the web - Tech Lib (formerly Ed IT Library) - https:// Anti-Virus Site - Bob Rankin: free tech support questions and answers - CGI Resource Index: 2000 links to CGI programs & tutorials - Dell Computer Online - Dotto Tech: Steve Dotto's award winning TV show about technology - Every File Format in the World: list - File Hot New Fonts: free fonts (formerly Font Face) - Freeware Home: free software for business, education, games, etc.- Home PC Firewall Guide: security for home computers - IEEE Computer Society Magazines - https:// Just Linux - Mac User/Mac World - Mac In Touch: for the latest Mac gossip - Mc Afee's Anti-Virus Information: software viruses - Microsoft Canada (Mississauga, Ont.) - Programmers Heaven: programming languages, development tools, downloads - Secure List: virus threats, analysis, security issues - “news for nerds” - Spark Notes: computer science study guides (Harvard) - Tech Dictionary: computer terms and technology words defined - Computer and Internet encyclopedia ( - Whatis?

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of Education - UWire: connecting college media with each other and the world - BC Courses (for CNC courses check "Institutions" page) - BC Campus (ABE, ABT, Associate, Bachelors, Library Tech) - Bob Rankin's Guide to Free Online College Courses (US, Canada) - Virtual University - Cool School: BC K-12 distance learning, free course materials, learning objects - Wide Learning (US based) - instructors BC Instructor Diploma Program (VCC) - Technology online journal - CARET Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology - org College Open Textbooks - Connexions: share learning materials - Creative Commons Search - Culturally Diverse Learners video series (Thompson Rivers U) - g=414315&p=2822716 User's Guide to Finding and Evaluating Health Information on the Web - Evaluation Game: WEG from BCIT - World’s Best Websites: criteria/checklist for awards - Council on Admissions & Transfer - BC Post-Secondary Application Service - BC Student Student Awards & Financial Assistance: Student Awards & Financial Assistance, loan status (BC Ministry of Advanced Ed) - Justice Institute of BC - Canada Dept.of Justice - Crime Solutions: research into what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, victim services(US Dept of Justice) - Resources (York University) - History: famous cases - Security Report Project at SFU: international studies on political violence, war - Interactive Investigator-Forensic Science: play a game, solve a crime – Law Enforcement Technology - - Climate Reality Project (Al Gore) - https:// Complete Works of Charles Darwin: DNA From the Beginning: animated primer on DNA, genes, heredity – DNA Interactive: genetics and molecular biology - atlas of human anatomy - E-Flora BC: electronic atlas of the plants of British Columbia - Earth Day Canada - Branch (BC Ministry of the Environment): biodiversity - Embryology (U New South Wales) - of Life - Endangered Species International - (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History) - edu Evolution of Life: interactive site, launched for Darwin’s 150 anniversary - The Fungus Among Us: fungus of Eastern North America - Genomics (Nature magazine): news, reviews, research and related links – Genomics Supersite - Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - of Staph: Microbiology - Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body (complete 1918 edition) - The Heart: The Engine of Life (Franklin Institute) - https://edu/heart-engine-of-life How to Go Organic: organic produce, gardening - How Stem Cells Work - Human Genome Project Information Archive 1990-2003 - Hyper Heart: heart in motion - IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: plant and animal - Jane Goodall Institute- North: a study in wildlife migration and seasonal change - Learn Genetics (U of Utah) - Macaulay Library (Cornell U): archive of natural history audio, video, and photographs, especially bird sounds - microbiology information portal - Network - Micromatters: microbiology lesson plans (Baylor College of Medicine) - National Center for Biotechnology Information (US) - National Human Genome Research Institute - Native American Ethnobotany: database of foods, drugs, dyes, fibers - Nature Serve: conservation information on 50,000 plants, animals, ecological communities of US/Canada - North American Butterfly Association - Live: with live Webcam viewing of Orca whales in BC – Organic Center: the science of organic growing - the science of birds - Peterson Online – Birds - Piltdown Plot: sources commenting on, developing, and demolishing the Piltdown Man hoax and suspects - Notes - Biology: study guides (Harvard) - Species at Risk Public Registry (Canada) - lang=En&n=24F7211B-1 Stem Cell Information (National Institutes of Health) - https://gov/ Stem Cell Institute, Harvard - State of North America’s Birds (North American Bird Conservation Initiative): surveys show nearly a third are endangered - Stem Cell Resources (AAAS): AAAS Board statements, resources, correspondence, news - https://org/news/stem-cell-resources Stem Cell Resources (Bio Science Network): with image library - Stem Cells at the National Academies - Structure of the Human Body: human anatomy (Loyola University); click on Educational Resources- the Human Genome - Transgenic Crops: genetically modified plants (Colorado State U) - Crops/Vesalius Online Human Anatomy - Virtual Body: brain, skeleton, heart, digestive tract - Virtual Labs: 31 biology labs, from Mc Graw-Hill (Flash Player) - Virtual Microbiology (U of Wisconsin) - Visible Human Project - Plants: data and digital images for 90,000 plant speciments - Web Anatomy (U Minnesota): interactive site with graphics, self-tests - Wetlands International - World Wildlife Fund - World’s Biomes - Worldwide: maps, reviews, zoo cams - All topics | Advertising | Accounting | Banking | Companies | Companies-BC and Local | E-commerce | Economics | Finance, commerce, investment | Human resources | International trade | Journals, news | Management | Office | Patents and trademarks | Small business | Statistics | Yellow pages, directories Admin Assist: back office service - Dictionary (Web Finance): over 20,000 business-related terms - Business Dictionary (Babylon) - Industrial Reports: US reports on manufacturing, mining, construction - Science and Economic Development Canada - Business Pages - at Wharton School of Business: research on current business topics (free registration) – Canadian Industry database (U of Alberta Libraries) - Advertising Age - Ad*Access: historical ads 1911-1955 - https://edu/dc/adaccess Ad Council: public service campaigns that have made a difference, 1942-present - of California, Berkeley) - Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System -

id=1370403265036 The Cell: An Image Library - Cells Alive!

- BC School Districts: Map (BC Stats) - ca/schools/BC Student Student Awards & Financial Assistance: Student Awards & Financial Assistance, loan status (BC Ministry of Advanced Ed) - School: BC K-12 distance learning, free course materials, learning objects - CUFA/BC Post-Secondary Education Information Service: Faculty Associations - School District 57 - Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) - - Jobs Blogs: Student - Blogs: Supporting Student Success - Blogs: Wepps' Blog on Higher Ed - Canadian Academia: news, email alerts - Canadian Association of College and University Student Services - https:// Federation of Students - Federation of Students - BC - Canadian Federation of Students - CNC - Virtual University - Can Learn Interactive (HRDC): supporting Canadians in pursuit of learning and career goals - College Student Alliance (Ontario post-secondary) - The Debt Free Grad: student online source for financial advice - Canada Network: job postings for teachers, school, college, university - of Learning Technologies (HRDC) - Pearson Education Canada Web site - Scholarships Canada - Fees: by year, province etc.

(Statistics Canada) - Canadian university and college info-site - Ranking of World Universities: the top 500 - Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC) - Educator's Reference Desk (Syracuse) - Campus Health and Safety - Campus Tours: virtual college tours (US) -

Rhyme Strategies for Reducing Wordiness (Literacy Education Online) - Literacy Network: free online literacy courses - Time To Read: Time-Warner’s volunteer literacy program - Visual Thesaurus: an exploration of sense relationships within the English language - World Wide Words - see also ESL; Writing Canadian Federation of Poets - Canadian Poetry: poet profiles, poetry samples, events – Canadian Poetry Association - Canadian Writers (National Library/Archives) - Writers (Athabaska University profiles) - Dooney's Cafe (Toronto): book reviews, social commentary - of BC Writers - League of Canadian Poets - PEN Canada: for freedom of expression - Writers Guild of Canada: screenwriting - Writers in Electronic Residence (WIER): Canadian writers helping students write, read, understand - Writers' Union of Canada: - see also Ebsco Literary Bundle (CNC users only) Absolute Shakespeare: trivia, study guides, glossary, text of works - Catalogue of Electronic Texts - Bartleby Verse: American & English anthologies 1250-1920 - Beat Museum - Bibliomania: 2000 online literary classics, reviews, study guides - Books: writing, poetry and books - Book Television: celebrating writers - Books-On-Line: 50,800 books available for free downloading - Bookyards: over 15,800 e-books, incl.

classics - British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832 - Burns Encyclopedia: official Robert Burns Site - Cambridge History of English and American Literature: online searchable version of all 18 volumes - Creative Nonfiction - Daily Lit: classic books, get installments by email - Electronic Poetry Center - English Server: over 30,000 humanities texts - From Verne to Vonnegut: a century of science fiction - Google Books: searchable archive of books, "snippets of text" - I Know Poe: Edgar Allen Poe - Internet Archive Million Books Project - Library of Congress Poetry Resources: poetry archive of recorded poetry - Encyclopedia: author biographies, text profiles, timelines, glossary of literary terms - Online Books: author/title/subject index to 30,000 online books - Online Corpus of Old English Poetry - Text Archive: 322,000 books - Outstanding Books for the College Bound and Lifelong Learners - org/yalsa/booklists/obcb Playbill: news from the world of theater - Poetry Archive: recorded poetry - Magazine - Portal: hosted by Colin Holcombe - Academy of American Poets - Studies: intro to literature, theory (Emory U English Dept.) - Project Gutenberg: 32,000 electronic books - Rare Book Room: facsimiles of great classics of literature, science etc.

Research tip for students: Before looking for information on the Internet, make sure you have checked for published works on your topic first.