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Loreal rouge caress dating coral

Well not really wrong but these are not just a lip-balm-like lipsticks.

Tell you what the first thing that struck me about these new lippies from L'Oreal Paris was, shall I? Rouge Caresse are basically the budget dupe for Dior's super-spendy Addict Extremes.Kind of seals the color onto the lips- and the lipstick won’t budge or fade for hours.On the down-side, and something which needs to be considered by a lot of us Indian girls, is that these are week in terms of pigmentation.Otherwise, I’m impressed how L’Oreal India has priced both the products well, and you must try atleast one shade and see what you like! Rouge Caresse range has some pretty sheer shades too! Today I’m going to review two shades each from the L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse and Rouge Caresse ranges.

These were launched some time back, and I am probably very late in reviewing, but nonetheless, I still will 🙂 Price: Rs. Available online on These are touted to be sheer lip stains, but on me, these are more like a gloss.

Emma showed us her pair last week and I've had a couple of them to try as well. Semi-sheer, semi-glossy and semi-staying put for an hour or two, they deliver pretty much the same experience, except for €11.99.

They're lovely alright - and there's no doubt they have L'Oreal Paris' ass kicked into a cocked hat packaging-wise - but I'm not convinced if you can find a matching shade in the Rouge Caresse range that you should shell out for an Addict. And that's a bit of a saving on €31 for the ones Kate Moss is endorsing, eh?

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