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So if you are looking to spice up your sex life, then joining our community is just what the sex doctor ordered.Each and every site in the game is unique - whether it be full of blood-thirsty raiders, or a budding settlement just waiting for you to come in and spruce up the place.Locations can also include a treasure trove of goodies, including Bobbleheads, Skill-increasing books, and plenty of locked chests full of loot.Of course, these days, the sights are a little less iconic and a little more dangerous.Once vibrant locations have now fallen into ruin, and are often teeming with danger and destruction. The great factories of the Commonwealth, which once produced everything from cars to the most high-tech systems people could ask for - now lie in silence.Click on a location below to learn more - Note that places you can trade with are marked in Bold, and potential settlements are marked in Even in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland, it's still possible to find suitable housing in which to survive - whether your settling down for a long haul, or just looking for a place to survive for the night.

Even as the ever-present radiation leaks into the soil, stubborn settlers continue to farm the land in hopes of a better and sustainable life.

It's occupants are more likely to bleed you dry than patch you up.

However, for the intrepid adventurer, even derelict hospitals brim with the promise of forgotten medical supplies.

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Fallout 4 spans a huge number of Locations, almost all of which are associated with the game's myriad Quests and Missions.

Despite this, many such places are still inhabited today - whether by settlers trying to survive, or hellish monsters crawling among the ruins.