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Mason musso dating

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If they get this treaty signed, they can market their kinkow oranges that can make Kinkow wealthy overnight and get the president to sign the treaty to market it.Mikayla might have a chance to get together with Brady, since she is still in love with him and hasn’t been with anyone since Brady left because he was immature and as long he is king, they will never be together.

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Can Mikayla win back Brady for all those years of rejection and compete against Crystal and will this treaty and this concert will be a success, only time will tell.Mikayla tells Brady to get rid of the cookie on his face, and the two leave.Boomer asks Brady why he had a cookie on his face, and Brady tells him about his "cookie bed".Brady continues to say do over, landing them in their beds continually, to the anger of Boomer.Back at the beach, Boomer tries to toss the watch into the ocean, but Brady tackles him.She went to college back in the states so she could live a normal life.

Mikayla coming home from the summer and back to Kinkow to see her friends Boz and Boomer and her father Mason.

Boomer got a letter from Brady, that he is coming back to Kinkow and he meet his long lost brother Boz and he is planning to start a rock concert on Kinkow.

He moved back to Chicago and use some of the gold for a recording session and that land him a record deal.

He tells him that they have to keep it, bacause they can restart their day when something bad happens.

Mikayla walks onto the beach and asks what the kings are doing there and they ask her the same thing.

Boomer and Brady find an ancient pocket watch that grants them the ability to restart the day as many times as they want without anyone else remembering.