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April - "This is April O Niel reporting for channel 1 news. As soon as the door was closed I had Sasha sit on my rod with her pussy positioned right over my dick at which point I forced her down onto it, she gave a cry of surprise at this act.After receiving a tip off that this is the infamous Shredder base. I once again found myself fondling my partner's breasts as she stimulated my dick with her pussy by moving up and down on it.

The most discrete and confidential way to meet a Fuck Buddy!In today's online world and increasing number sex hungry people looking to hook up for no strings casual sex, there is only one this you need; and that's a Fuck Buddy. Me there are thousands of sexy women wanting to arrange a sex date.Being a fuck buddy or meeting a fuck buddy also enables you to form a trusting no strings relationship so that you both can satisfy your sex fuelled desires. ; D Characters: Alistair Kingsleigh: https://co/g Sjn Mw/Cheshire Catgirl: https://co/m MUy Tb/Bimbo Hatter: https://co/m Fcw EG/Milf Hare: https://co/h Jpb EG/White Bunny: https://co/j Ag Z1w/Queen of Hearts: https://co/i9j9ZG/Sex Scene 1 The Cheshire Catgirl kneels on the ground and leans against a tree as Alistair kneels behind her and fucks her doggystyle. The fact that the crystal allows you to command female dragons and even bring down to a manageable state is a nice plus, I was instructed in what to do should the Mythos Crystal ever crop up, as were the rest of the women who remained in the town.” Rani then said, “My order instructed to locate the Mythos Crystal or its bearer and make sure that the power was as advertised, I felt the best way to do this was to pretend at being a priestess, in truth I am a high ranking official with in the Order of Legends. SEX SCENE SUMMARY For those of you who just look through for the sex scenes and don’t bother with the full script, here are the sex scenes. “After looking around the area for a while, Alistair was still unable to determine where he was, how he got there or how he was supposed to get back.” Scene changes to Alistair in the middle of the bizarre room, scratching his head. The White Bunny: https://co/j Ag Z1w/White Bunny: Oh-No! The fact that you just stumbled onto it and met the requirements for bonding with it is a feat of unusually fortuitous circumstances.April - "Crap, somehow I knew it would be to good to be true." She glares at them her hands on her hips. I got a patch of matching fur on the back of my right hand.

I told her that we would enjoy each others bodies again, but first I wanted her to bring Sasha in for intercourse and act as a door keeper to keep girl's that were uninvited out until I called for them I also instructed her to answer honestly before asking why she called me master.

” Mini-Game: Ref: Fc *** Gloria and Brittney are stretching as D. *** - The game is to stroke when the girls are not looking and put your cock away when they look at you (Throwback to the old skool Mn F Games Story: Elica works as a maid in the Wild Boar Traven. All she dreams about is being a member of the Adventurer's Guild, but the only thing that's holding her back is the expensive members fee needed to join. So, she decides one night, after having a bad day of work, to steal her boss’s secret stash of gold and run away to the Adventurer’s Guild. Elica arrives at the Lost Woods and takes the path to the mysterious cave. EZG Sex Scene 4 Alistair lies back on the Queens bed as the Queen of Hearts rides his cock. When he awoke, he was completely surprisingly uninjured, though he was in the most peculiar room he’d ever seen.” Scene changes to Alistair on the ground in the bizarre room holding his head. ” “Simple,” I said, “most of the materials I need are near at hand, and I haven't had to pay guild dues in years.” Before any further conversation could continue Aisha was already on me and making sure my dick was in her vagina before beginning to ride me.

Just go check out this cave in the Lost Woods and see why people have been getting chased away from the cave. ” (She gives Elica a map to the Lost woods) Elica: “ Alright. ” Fades to the map with a red doted line showing Elica travelling to the Lost woods. Z2cob Sex Scene 3 The White Bunny lies back on her bed and Alistair fucks her missionary. He reaches into the hole to try and find the watch, but as he does the hole suddenly opens up and he falls inside. Scene 2: “After falling an unknown distance and for an indeterminable amount of time, Alistair finally blacked out. We would have departed ourselves, but you chose to stay, why?

I will be giving everyone a first person look into what is going on inside! While pumping her I called Sasha my little “wood nymph” and began fucking her hard and rough. I did the same routine with her as I had Aisha, and just like Aisha I felt our bodies changing. After the changes the 2 of kissed deeply for a few minutes, while in the midst of intercourse, and after the kiss continued for 2 or 3 more hours.

" April then proceeds inside the building holding a flashlight in one hand and the camera in the other. Sasha's legs became more athletic and her ears took on a leaf like shape in addition to lengthening and she seemed to have a new aura that was like the kind of aura that nymphs were refuted to have along with her hair taking on greenish tint and looking like leaves that had been arranged in an highly attractive way in addition to all that she also received gem matching mine on her forehead. When we had finished I instructed Aisha to open the door and let the newly transformed Sasha out, then let Lina in.

The warehouse is very dark and the flash light doesn't light up much. How could anyone see in here." She gropes around for a bit. She then bumps into a very large figure standing in the darkness. " Figure " He he he looks like the bait worked Bebop" The warehouse suddenly lights up and April is blinded for a bit April - "Ah! And he needs a more resistant test subject." Explains Bebob. April eyes widen and turns around and starts to run out. He grabs her and holds her still while Rocksteady moves in front. When Lina was in Aisha closed the door behind her and I called Lina my “sexy tigress” and once again the dance sexual escapades occurred.