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In only three months $1 million was raised to purchase the land and create a nature preserve.Today the 50-acre preserve offers a parking area, nearly a mile of foot trails ...

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But here we were, looking at a beautiful stretch of the Platte River with no foot bridge in sight.It was the last remnant of the giant maples and beeches in a region that had been heavily clear cut by loggers.The 11-acre tract remained in the Coy family until 1958 when Reubens daughter-in-law deeded the property to a group of trustees with the intentions of preserving Coy Mountain for the use and benefit of the Villagers of Alden and the surrounding comm ...Phone: (989) 732-3541 Region: Northwest Located 15 miles west of Gaylord, Warner Creek is a lightly used ski trail in the winter that offers scenery and solitude.It winds through Hardwood Hills, a rugged slice of the Mackinaw State Forest.The exception is its northern slope that was the site of a downhill ski operation beginning in the early 1950s. Phone: (231) 582-7523 Region: Northwest Deer Flats Nature Trail is the longest trail at Young State Park, a 3-mile loop that stays predominately in low-lying woods.

It shares a segment with White Birch Nature Trail and all of it is utilized during the winter as part of the parks Nordic trail system.

But due to the shallowness of Saginaw Bay, a growth of algae and organic material turned the park's pristine, white sandy beach back into the shoreline wetlands that they were naturally meant to be and attendance plummeted.

In the early 1990s, the park received much needed attention with a major renovation.

The size was increased from 196 acres to more than 2,200 when adjoining Tobico Marsh was added.

The Saginaw Bay Visitor Center was built, the campground improved and, most important, a new beach and swimming was created.

Phone: (231) 331-4643 Region: Heartland Tucked away on the east side of Alden, oblivious to most visitors who are mesmerized by Torch Lake to the west of town, is a small mountain with a short but interesting trail system.