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Mobile nude dating sim

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i'm always up to try new things and this sounds interesting, there's a lot you can do with this concept.if the art is as good as there "profile pics", then going to be good. I wanted to play MM so much, but i just dont like playing as a girl, so the option of both genders is really good. - it really looks nice, esp the black-haired guy *swoons*.

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From then on, miraclr will unfold (mostly) in real-time, whether or not you have the game [email protected] Gnome - Ha you've guessed some of the personalities pretty well Glad to hear you're interested in a desktop version. I never really got into Mystic Messenger because I don't really like Gx B games, but I'd definitely go for a Bx B version. The coloring strikes me as a bit flat, but the designs are cool. Turns out it was just a natural occurrence.", ".......*hnnn* Talk one more time this badly about our boss and I will report you! Which is why I am not really sure If I am the right target demographic for your project.I imagine it will have a much different layout and notification system, but hopefully we can still create a good experience for it Nice, i'm good at this game i guess. Alright, this sounds absolutely...divine No, seriously, what an awesome idea! The interactivity is really appealing, and it sounds like there's so much potential for humorous encounters. We'll start by targeting mobile devices, but would you be interested in playing a game like this on desktop? I already don't get enough notifications on a regular basis. ", "Yeah, but I still don't get how they build those things. " No, either I buy the whole package or complete routes OR I won't bother at all with ingame purchases. I still have yet to buy microtransations from GREE/dating mobile sims. Maybe people who already play this sort of format (MM) and/or GREE games.yes to desktop because i don't play games on my phone, i see the game working like one of the old instant messaging clients like ICQ, AIM or MSN Messenger, i also see more features on the PC like randomized AI behavior with AI traits, for example, Lucifer could be vary manipulative and sex crazed (doing things like sending dirty photos to you) and Michael could be the one who's kind, wants to take it slow and to get to know you, the desktop has so much less restrictions that will benefit the game more. Im just hoping this game will have romance cgs, i tend to enjoy VNs that have them much more.i prefer ads but then again, i'm not a mobile player. We'll start by targeting mobile devices, but would you be interested in playing a game like this on desktop?Similar to "Mystic Messenger," the experience of this game is strongly connected to time in the real world.

Via the Slack-like messenger app, the player must check in regularly or risk missing important conversations and private messages.

With all that in mind, we're targeting an early September release date for miraclr!

This is a very unusual project for my two-person team, Woodsy Studio.

one other problem with mobile is content restrictions, google and apple are vary picky about sex and nudity which is not something you have to worry yourself with on a PC. I loooove angelic lore, but the thought of combining it with a Slack/Mystic-Messenger-like system is not only hilarious, but really dang clever. *sweats* Either would work, but I think it'd lend itself to mobile best. And who buy these [email protected] - Thanks for the thoughts!

Would you prefer ads or in-app purchases as a means of paying for the game? Ads are okay, but I'd probably just prefer to pay for it up-front. September sounds like a really early release date though! Yeah, our September release date is a bit ambitious, but I'm still feeling pretty good about it.

Your co-workers (the Archangels) will talk among themselves, ask for your input, and private message you for both work and personal reasons.