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Mongol dating

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Now I’m not going to bore you with those details as this is something that has been debated in many an ethic studies class for years and is something I find personally boring and a waste of productive time. I don’t think an AA dudes will truly understand what it’s like to be an AA gal).

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It’s easy to say Asian American men have issues, they’re less secure with their masculinity, and they’re just insecure males when compared to the other types of males (black, white, latin, etc) that populate American society.2) You have to earn and create your identity in Mongolia.In most modern, Western nations, people see images of what is cool via TV, movies, magazines, etc.sells a lot of crap real fast), the Mongolian people’s minds are not as distracted as Westerners or as preoccupied by “getting more”.That sort of influence has yet to really settle into their culture because the global powers that be just don’t see a market there (yet).Basically, many folks in the West are either buying, borrowing, or quickly adopting their personalities but not earning it. If they see something they like of a Western name brand, most likely, they will have to go to their local fashion marts and piece together stuff that most approximates their thoughts.

They are exposed to outside influences and basically cover, paint, and adopt what they think is cool without ever having to do the internal work of naturally cultivating their personal and true image. And, there are no malls (there are big stores but not a Western mega mall). Basically, they have to build it, they have to earn it.

To get there, you have to take a 4×4 and traverse over paths of dirt, mud, rocks and occasional road to get from point A to point B (which I’m sure Anne experienced this while in Mongolia).

So poor is this nation and city that pretty much all of the global (western & eastern) fast food and clothing chains have yet to set up business in UB City. Is it because Mongolians would reject Mc D’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Gap, Target, etc? It’s because the population is so sparse (1mm in UB City and almost 3mm in all of Mongolia) and per capita income is so low that none of these global chains have an economic incentive to set up shop there. To be in UB City is to be trapped in modern time limbo.

But to say something so casually and then say “go to a foreign country like Mongolia to learn to be more manly, more masculine” is not exactly logical.

The Asian American male entered into American society much later into our nation’s modernization. the plight of the Asian American male and all of his insecurities is really a by-product of the Asian American male butting up against the pre-establishment and wanting something better for him and his future. And unfortunately for the Asian American male, more often than not, they are relegated to the “want” category.

I don’t fully agree with this but I don’t fully disagree either.