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My boyfriend still goes on dating sites

Since then, I have caught him on porn sites, dating sites, F*ckbook, live porn shows, and this & that.I have seen “[Cams dot com]”on our bank records and I asked him about it. I didn’t believe it so I checked it out and came to find out it was live porn chat he was paying for! One night I took him out with friends and wanted to go home to have “us time,” but he said he didn’t feel like it.

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He would know how I felt when I had been duped, and experience immense guilt.I had wounded myself to get the goods on a man who was not respecting me.There had been no phone call or text from Chris questioning if I had been Randi.I couldn’t trust him around our daughter because his addiction as calls it, was so bad! ”He has been really distant lately, coming home from work and getting directly in the shower.He says he is too tired to have sex when I want to or he just flat out says “no! Dear Confused & Hurt, First and foremost, any man that lays a hand on a pregnant woman is no respectable man. Getting defensive is a good indication you are not being told the truth.The intensity of online communication evaporates as soon as the laptop or smart phone is shut off.

This post comes from Group Therapy in our Très Sugar Community. We talk on the phone every day, and see each other at least twice a week.

Dating sites are for single people for anyone wondering.) and even a “hook-up” dating site where people go to find others to have sex with!

It’s difficult for me to state that he has physically committed adultery if there is no proof of him doing it, for example, you have and see for yourself what your husband is doing when you aren’t around but make sure to gather your evidence first before you approach him because it sounds like he will most certainly get angry and irrational.

I say unlikely because in my experience online dating sites, particularly free ones, are a catch basin for unsavory candidates. After a one too many celebratory pints of Guinness, I asked the question:"So have you been back on the dating site recently? We had never had the conversation about exclusivity. Like a predator, I played with my victim, setting up a meeting time and place. The mind games worked because I knew his preferences and quirks.

A semi-sane woman would question their boyfriend further and either live with his answers or walk away from the relationship. Each time, I opened up the inbox there was another message from Chris. The tricky part was avoiding giving too many personal details.

Most likely, when Randi vanished, he just moved on to the next real woman who wanted to date him.