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The red cage is another one of these 'Mediterranean' species that are extending their range supposedly due to the warming of the climate and has followed very much the same route as the , appearing first in the Channel Islands then later along the south coast and the West Country.I have not yet found any previous Sussex records, but I am sure there are a few and would be interested to hear from anyone if they know of any.

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Young people in particular are so disconnected from the natural world.He said: "Part of the reason for that is easy to identify, and that is because it's no longer allowed – no longer legal – to be a collector. And I knew when the right moment was when you could take one and the bird would lay another, so you didn't damage the population. Now, I think it's in the ledger of law, if you were to pick up a feather and put it in your pocket it would probably not be legal."And not to be allowed to collect fossils..." His comments were supported by Chris Packham, a fellow BBC nature presenter, who said: "I can't believe that future generations will learn their trade on television, on the internet and in libraries, because the passion has to come from the heart.The subject matter here is a philosophy of acquiring knowledge based on an assumed paradigm.With the exception of pantheists—who believe that Nature and God are one and the same thing—theists challenge the idea that nature contains all of reality.These principles include mass, energy, and other physical and chemical properties accepted by the scientific community.

Further, this sense of naturalism holds that spirits, deities, and ghosts are not real and that there is no "purpose" in nature.

"You've struggled through the brambles and waitied for hours and it ignites a lifetime of interest." The BBC is celebrating Sir David's broadcasting career in a BBC Two series, 60 Years In The Wild.

Adherents of naturalism (i.e., naturalists) assert that natural laws are the rules that govern the structure and behavior of the natural universe, that the changing universe at every stage is a product of these laws.

Though unnamed and never articulated into a coherent system, one tradition within Confucian philosophy embraced a form of Naturalism dating to the Wang Chong in the 1st century, if not earlier, but it arose independently and had little influence on the development of modern naturalist philosophy or on Eastern or Western culture.

The ideas and assumptions of philosophical naturalism were seen in the works of the Ionian School pre-Socratic philosophers.

I feared we have turned out ocuntryisde into a dark and dangerous place for children. They aren't picking up fossils, watching fox cubs in the early morning.