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At the owners’ request, the warden issued a permit to kill it – and a federal trapper was called in.

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The cat goes from goat to goat until they’re all dead, or the lion is so exhausted it leaves.The cat on the Queens’ stainless steel table that day was a male still young enough to have traces of spots on his legs.At a little over a year old, he weighed an impressive 90 pounds.In several of the reports reviewed by The Bee, cougars were killed after going on rampages inside livestock pens, similar to P-45’s Malibu massacres.Workers at a winery in San Luis Obispo County in 2015 found 16 Barbados sheep and four Boer goats that a mountain lion had killed but not eaten.Biologists with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, examine a young male mountain lion during a necropsy this summer in Rancho Cordova.

State officials issue dozens of permits to kill mountain lions after they attack pets and livestock.

Vaughn and her neighbors in the rugged mountains behind Malibu’s beaches blame this single lion for wiping out more than 100 goats, alpacas, sheep and other animals, sometimes dozens at a time.

He rarely ate anything from their corpses, instead leaving them to rot in their pens.

The 59-year-old artist and former substitute teacher, whose eyes well with tears when she gets upset, loves animals.

It’s why she started raising alpacas for wool for her weaving projects in the first place.

“A lion, when it’s hunting, is really laser focused,” Kenyon said.