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With Revolut you can now send, spend and exchange money instantly with intuitive ease.

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Alternatively, select 'IBAN' to find our GBP IBAN and SWIFT code. Topping up in EUR: If you are making a transfer from a European bank account, please use your personalised IBAN details.Transfers by debit and credit cards occur instantly, however, bank transfers take 1-5 working days depending on their origin – so bear that in mind if you need funds urgently.We would also recommend enabling auto top-up to ensure that you don't need to manually top-up your account whilst abroad.Topping up in USD/ PLN/ CHF/ SEK/ NOK/ DKK/ RON/ AUD/ NZD/ SGD/ HKD/ ILS/ TRY/ AED/ CAD/ HUF/ INR/ JPY/ MAD/ MXN/ QAR/ THB/ ZAR: Please ensure the reference/description for your transfer is the 8-digit reference number highlighted in pink on this page with no other text.This will ensure that your funds go straight into your account.To make things easier for you, make sure to use your own debit and credit card when topping up your Revolut account.

Doing so will simplify the security verification process on our side and will make sure your money gets to your Revolut account without a hitch.

If you forget to use this reference, please message our in-app support team.

Our accounts support third party payments, and as with all payments, will be subject to our usual fraud checks.

At the moment our app is available for i Phones (i OS 8), i Pads or Android (4.3) supported phones with a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches.

Unfortunately Android tablets are not currently supported.

A little trick we suggest is to get your friends/partners/families to create their own Revolut account, top up, and send the money to you via the app!