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It is no surprise then that Google is about to take another step securing the entire web.The company has now announced on their Chromium blog that their upcoming browser will mark all HTTP sites as "not secure." Starting with Chrome 68, Google's Chrome browsers will notify the user, albeit not intrusively, if they are using a website that doesn't support HTTPS connections.

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Extreme demand not only means that you aren't getting your GPUs as fast as you want, but you also have to pay more for them.Currently Chrome does not inform the user about non-secure websites unless they click the information button next to the URL.When users browse secure websites with HTTPS connection they are already notified that the connection is secure on the address bar.So Apple knows that they have built a walled garden, with oh so delicious blue dots and off-putting green ones.Obviously Google wants to be part of this messaging game. However, every single approach since Gchat, later Hangouts, have been utter failures in the grand scheme of things.Project, codenamed Yeti, has been in works for some time now and was expected to be launched back in 2017, but has gone through series of rethinking ever since.

Google recently hired a former Microsoft and Sony veteran, Phil Harrison to oversee the project.

It's the same part that in Android devices is fairly accessible and it allows custom Android ROM's to be installed.

One could imagine that hackers and jailbreakers are going to be enjoying a life of Riley.

This also means that changing how i OS operates requires some high-level hacking, and as many of us know jailbreaking is quite the hassle compared to Android.

Thus it was probably quite a shock to Apple when they found out one of the most important, if not the most important, parts of i OS source code was leaked.

Even though Google's mobile operating system, Android, is arguably not as open source as the company wants you to think, many of the building blocks of it, thanks to AOPS or Android Open Source Project, are everybody's game.