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Nikki hsieh dating

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Ke Jie’s youngersister, Ke Xing, and her parents are heartbroken over her disappearance but gradually come to terms with the fact that they will never see her again.

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To save her family and to try and catch the eye of Guan Jun, Da Hua says yes.While I love recapping, sometimes just experiencing a drama -- without having to stop and recap it -- is what I feel like doing.So I got on Netflix and found Princess's Stand In (aka Jin Da Hua De Hua Li Mao Xian or Jin Da Hua's Extravagant Adventure or Substitute Princess or King Flower).When Ke Xing finds the store and discovers Shu Lei’s amnesia, she and her boyfriend, Li Ze Xuan, try to job Shu Lei’s memory for their own personal gain.But will Ke Xing’s feelings get in the way of their plan?Meanwhile, over on Xia Qiao’s side, she’s still struggling to let go which sees her collapse before Lin Yi Mu.

First day back, Li Hui Zhen comes up with an idea to try boost Immortal’s sales.

Substitute Princess tells the story of Jin Da Hua (Nikki Hsieh), a woman desperately in need of plastic surgery.

Everyone who doesn't know her calls her ugly because of the huge wart on her face and her horrible buck-teeth.

Then tragedy strikes again when Shu Lei gets into a car accident and loses his memory.

He then moves to the small town of Yi Lan and opens a bookstore with Ke Jie’s books.

It wasn’t for Bai Hao Yu as Lin Yi Mu had wondered.