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The first book in the Beadle series was Malaeska, the Indian Wife of the White Hunter, by Ann S. The novel was essentially a reprint of Stephens's earlier serial, which had appeared in the Ladies' Companion magazine in February, March and April 1839.

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The books were reprinted many times, sometimes with different covers, and the stories were often further reprinted in different series and by different publishers.Dime novels varied in size, even in the first Beadle series, but were mostly about 6.5 by 4.25 inches (16.5 by 10.8 cm), with 100 pages.The first 28 were published without a cover illustration, in a salmon-colored paper wrapper.Since, in his view, practically every American was busy earning a living with no time for obtaining a higher education let alone for timeconsuming distractions, they preferred books which "may be easily procured, quickly read, and which require no learned researches to be understood ...they require rapid emotions, startling passages ....The literacy rate increased around the time of the American Civil War, and Beadle's Dime Novels were immediately popular among young, working-class readers.

By the end of the war, numerous competitors, such as George Munro and Robert De Witt, were crowding the field, distinguishing their product only by title and the color of the paper wrappers.

Examples of dime novel series that illustrate the diversity of the form include Bunce's Ten Cent Novels, Brady's Mercury Stories, Beadle's Dime Novels, Irwin P.

Beadle's Ten Cent Stories, Munro's Ten Cent Novels, Dawley's Ten Penny Novels, Fireside Series, Chaney's Union Novels, De Witt's Ten Cent Romances, Champion Novels, Frank Starr's American Novels, Ten Cent Novelettes, Richmond's Sensation Novels, and Ten Cent Irish Novels.

Nonetheless, the pocket-sized sea, Western, railway, circus, gold-digger, and other adventures were an instant success.

Author Armin Jaemmrich observes that Alexis de Tocqueville's theses in Democracy in America (1835) says that in democratic and socially permeable societies, like that of the U.

Also, there were a number of ten-cent, paper-covered books of the period that featured medieval romance stories and melodramatic tales.