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Online dating going too fast

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You have the opportunity to talk about your passions and interests instead of ignoring what’s on Netflix and finding interest in each other’s mouths. Avoid spending too much time alone that can lead to things that are too advanced for your liking.

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[Read: 10 tips for setting boundaries with difficult people] #4 Be open about your intentions.Just like you would wade through the water at the bottom of a cliff to test the depth before jumping off into it, you should always take the time to “test the waters” with someone new before diving in. This may sound kind of silly—of course you’ll go on dates with someone new! Go out to a restaurant, go out in public, walk the streets, just do anything but sit in your apartment and “watch movies,” because we all know where that leads.Slow your roll How do you go about preventing yourself from moving too fast in a new relationship? When you actually go out on dates with people in public, you are forced to talk to each other and get to know one another’s quirks.Always being around someone you’re attracted to can cloud your mind and judgement, making it easier to slip into a relationship—or their bed sheets.With time apart, you can also get a feel for how they behave when you’re not around, something that is very important when heading into a new relationship.When things seem to be getting too close for comfort, subtly let them know that you’re not there yet.

It will help the both of you slow things down if everyone is aware of the boundaries that are in place.

It’s one thing to talk to each other about how you’re feeling, but it’s another to talk to yourself—and yes, I am giving you permission to talk to yourself without feeling like a schizophrenic. Do you really find them to be compatible with you, or do you just think they’re really hot and want to strip them down for a good time?

If you realize that you really care about them and can see a future together, then what’s the rush? Rushing into things before thinking about them can lead to regret and, ultimately, heartache.

It’s also a great way to find out just how far the relationship will go. Is there an uneven amount of feelings between you two?

This will help you realize that you don’t have to rush into things if both of you are feeling the same way about one another.

If you want to be with this person long-term, you’ve got all the time you need for everything else.