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Online dating scams italian

It wasn't a huge request so I did a wire transfer to him,' she recalled.'A part of me thought it was wrong so I questioned him, saying "you're a businessman, your credit card should work..." His story didn't add up.'But the requests for money didn't end there, with another excuse claiming his goods had been held up in Malaysian customs.'The first amount I sent him was $7,000.

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'The first request for money came after he probably groomed me for a good couple of months.'Ms Meister went on to explain that the money was never asked for 'in one hit', while the backstory of her supposed lover had been detailed.'He was supposedly an interior designer living in Brisbane, however all the transfers were made to Malaysia, so he was basically working with a syndicate.'Speaking with Daily Mail Australia last month, Ms Meister said the pair had exchanged messages and had phone conversations almost daily.'I guess at the time, I was going through a period in my life where I felt isolated.

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Among those include looking out for fake profile photos, stories that aren't accurate and a refusal to meet in person.