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Paranoid schizophrenia dating

Before Friday, authorities have only identified one body, and they are still working to identify other remains found in the same grave.The identified remains belong to 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro.

Pictures posted online show a number of police cars outside a home just moments after he was arrested at around 11pm.Two 20-year-old men have been charged with murder, conspiracy and abuse of corpse by attempting to burn the bodies in a 'pig roaster' in connection with the murders of four men.Cosmo Di Nardo confessed to murdering the four missing men and burning their bodies on his family's Bucks County, Pennsylvania farm.District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said in a press conference Di Nardo confessed to putting the bodies in a metal tank converted into a cooker he called a 'pig roaster'.He took a deal to reveal where the bodies were buried to avoid the death penalty.The 20-year-old Di Nardo was described as a 'paranoid dealer' who was prone to feeling slighted by buyers after he sold drugs.

In 2016, he was banned from Arcadia University, in Glenside, Pennsylvania for complaints filed against him regarding 'verbal interactions with members of the university community.' He attended the college for the fall semester of 2015 before dropping out and tried to re-enroll in 2016.

The other three were killed on July 7 by Kratz and Di Nardo jointly.

Dean Finocchiaro was shot by both after Di Nardo agreed to sell him a quarter pound of pot for $700.

He then drove over Meo, who may have still been alive, with the backhoe.

Kratz told police his cousin 'basically crushed' Meo with the backhoe.

His cousin Sean Kratz was charged with three of the murders.