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Paranoid schizophrenia dating

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According to CBS News, his parents received a letter saying if he showed up to the campus again he would be trespassing.Police sources said Di Nardo was known to sell as much as a quarter pound of pot for several thousand dollars.

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The identified remains belong to 19-year-old Dean Finocchiaro.He made no further comment after releasing a statement the day before on behalf of Di Nardo’s parents: 'As parents, Mr and Mrs Di Nardo sympathize with the parents and families of the missing young men and they are cooperating in every way possible with the investigation being conducted by law enforcement.'Di Nardo’s parents have built a multimillion-dollar real estate, trucking and concrete empire in rural Pennsylvania.Perri Jr started out as a prosecutor in Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and is now considered a top criminal litigator in one of Pennsylvania’s premium firms.He then drove over Meo, who may have still been alive, with the backhoe.Kratz told police his cousin 'basically crushed' Meo with the backhoe.but I don't believe that was successful.'Di Nardo said he did so because he felt threatened or cheated when he tried to sell them marijuana, a source close to the investigation has said.

He also told police where to find the rest of the bodies.

They dug a 12.5 foot grave with the same backhoe the next day and placed the bodies and the container inside.

Weintraub said Di Nardo confessed to dousing the bodies inside the pig roaster with gasoline. He said at the press conference: 'There was an attempt to burn the bodies..

Later on Thursday evening, police took Kratz into custody in northeast Philadelphia.

Pictures posted online show a number of police cars outside a home just moments after he was arrested at around 11pm.

He conspired with Kratz to rob Finocchiaro on the way to pick him up.