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Place to chat with daddy doms

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While I realize today is “Teaching Tuesday” I feel terrible.

Like the world that Xanthe created– this series takes place in a world where BDSM relationships are the ‘norm’ and everyone is pretty much bisexual.Rodney Mc Kay (sub) Occupation: Chief Science Officer of the Atlantis Expedition Education: Ph Ds in Astrophysics, Mechanical Engineering, and Aeronautical Engineering Pleasure Education: Three sessions at de Sade Institute — Courtesan of Gerard de Sade Current Relationship: wears the collar of John Sheppard Past Relationships: Lt. Current Relationship: None, pursuing Chase Harris Past Relationships: Lesley Barnes, Elias Gold, Devon Cartwright, Ryan Sellers, etc Family: Joseph Marsh (father-deceased), Brandon Novak (father’s sub-deceased), John Sheppard (brother), Matthew Sheppard (brother), Amelia Lawson (mother)Name: Thomas Grant (Dom) Occupation: US Air Force, Major, Atlantis Expedition Education: Ph D in psychology — specializes in combat related stress management and PTSD Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at the de Sade Institute with Sydney Jamison Current Relationship: None Past Relationships: Caroline Lam, Chase Harris, Vala Mal Doran, Rodney Mc Kay, Radek Zelenka, Keith Battle, Sydney Jamison, Mason Blake, Andre Morgan, etc Family: Jeff Grant (father), Sara de Sade (mother-deceased), Phillip Grant (brother), Alexander Grant (brother), Gerard de Sade (first cousin)Name: Christopher Morley (sub) Occupation: United States Marines, Lance Corporal Education: Working on a BS in combat engineering Pleasure Education: none Current Relationship: Uncollared, semi-serious relationship with Thomas Grant in the works Past Relationships: Dr.Colonel Samantha Carter, Colonel Marshall Sumner (deceased), Dr. Michael Holder, Colonel John Sheppard, Colonel Marshall Sumner, Lt. Malcolm Crowley Family: No siblings, mother is a Domme with several male submissives, father is deceased.Instead, please comment with something you’d like me to cover next week.I’ll happily cover two things next week if I get enough responses.Pairing: Mc Shep (many other secondary pairings) Genre: Romance, BDSM Rating: NC-17 Series Word Count: 402,190 Warnings: Graphic sex, anal play, BDSM, violence, and exhibitionism (does any of that really make you not want to read it? If you don’t like this kind of thing—just don’t read it. Both of them have suffered in different ways, yet are drawn together.

On one raid, he meets and frees highly-trained submissive Nasir.

Name: Declan Frost (Dom) Occupation: US Navy, SEAL, Battle Master for the Atlantis Expedition Education: BS & Masters in Engineering Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at de Sade with Master Keith Nasson Current Relationship: collared Sean Taylor Past Relationships: Been with the same submissive in an exclusive relationship for eight years Family: Liam Frost (father), Della Marstow (mother), Angus Frost (brother) Name: Dr. David Parrish Family: Parents deceased, no siblings Name: Dr.

Sean Taylor (sub) Occupation: Scientist, Atlantis Expedition Education: BA in Sociology, Masters in Psychology, Masters in Political Science, and a Ph D in Anthropology Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at La Petite Mort with Master Louis Bessette — marked Consort Current Relationship: wears Declan Frost’s collar Past Relationships: Has been in an exclusive relationship for eight years — did attend Gerard de Sade shortly after he was marked Family: Robert Taylor (father-deceased), Celeste Taylor (mother) – no siblings Name: Dr. Radek Zelenka (sub) Occupation: Chief Engineer, Atlantis Expedition Education: Ph Ds Engineering & Astrophysics, Masters in Aeronautics and Nuclear Physics Pleasure Education: 2 sessions Lleu House Current Relationship: collared submissive of Elizabeth Weir Past Relationships: Thomas Grant, Marshall Sumner, Peter Grodin, Samantha Carter Family: Has no contact with his family– he defected from the Czech Republic at a very early age Name: Dr.

Both of them might have found exactly what they need.

a story in the world she created, I did use her BDSM/Dynamic theme with her permission.

In return, once I have finished all of my responsibilities he will me in his lap and stroke my hair until I fall asleep, just like last night and every night.