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Players on internet dating sites

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However, none of those reputable sites accept US players for legal reasons.The three listed earlier in this article are legitimate.

This means they are unregulated and players have limited to no recourse in disputes.I start with covering recommendations as well as US betting sites to avoid.I then progress to the laws, deposit options and cover the many risks.Of course, you’ll find these sportsbooks advertised all over the web because they spend money sponsoring betting forums and pay affiliates well.At SBS we pride ourselves on providing honest sports betting information.With the 2017 NFL and college football seasons starting, many bettors are turning to Google for finding online sportsbooks to bet with. There are a high number of scam sites on the internet that should be avoided, and you won’t find notes about them in the Google results. This is practically a deposit only sportsbook that has multiple unprocessed payouts that date back almost 2 years.

Meanwhile, in December 2013 once reputable site ceased operations while multiple weeks late on payouts. The year prior, in December 2012, Bet Islands closed owing players over $1.5 million.

The betting sites recommended on this page have many pros and some cons. These options are simply the ones we feel are safest in the unregulated market that US sports bettors are forced to deal with when betting online.

Again, I strongly encourage you to read every word of this article – a complete guide to US betting sites – prior to depositing with any internet sportsbook.

Reputable US sportsbooks all use alternative extensions including .eu, .ag, .cx, and

The most reputable gambling sites are publicly traded companies licensed by proper gambling commissions.

While I am an affiliate for most books listed on this website, advertising cannot be purchased.