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Presbyterian dating

In the history of the AFM (Apostolic Faith Mission) church, there is mention of the first service being held in a hall on before moving to the Congregational Church in Bree Street.In 1909 the AFM split it’s congregation, which was originally mixed, into white, black, coloured and Indian.

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Old Wesleyan Methodist Church or Pienk Kerk – 24 Chatau Road, Richmond (1907) 24 Chatou Road was an old church on the border of Melville and Richmond that was converted into the offices of BRITZ & SCHOLES ARCHITECTS in 1978.Fleming who was also responsible for the design of the Clifton Methodist church in Braamfontein in the same year. The church is currently a bakery and is structurally intact.Lithuanian Synagogue – Marshall Street, Jeppestown (1903) This is a recent find although I recall a industry colleague, Nic Burger, sending me a google screen shot some time ago about a shul in Jeppe that was cut in half by the railway expansion. Research has revealed that it was built in 1903 and designed by George (Snowball) Laidler.It was originally a wood and iron structure from 1910 and the new building above was designed by W. Bertrams Synagogue – Kimberly Road, Bertrams (1915 unconfirmed) Originally the Valley Bioscope, the building was purchased by the Lorentzville/Bertrams congregation in 1918.In 1923 it was altered and then consecrated in 1926.I’ve broken it up into two sections: The first section covers those that are no longer used as places of worship starting with the oldest.

The second section covers those that are still used although the denomination may have changed over time. I started this piece in January 2016 with a list of about 40 buildings.

It appears to have been replaced by the larger Jeppestown Synagogue in 1926. The new dropped lines were installed on the inside of the old lines so requiring the building to be modified and others to be completely demolished.

It’s not known what the building was used for at the time of the modification.

The old lines were kept running while the new dropped ones were being installed.

They were switched over on completion and the original train lines were removed and tarred over to become the road.

By October it had grown to 200 while doing the research.