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Nope, I am just debating, and I use that word loosely, a pussy hound here; nothing more.

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That insistence on personal accountability goes a long way toward improving relationships in my own life, with men and women alike.I do hope though, that as he wants to dedicate his life to helping young men enter barrooms full of borderline skanks and not come our frustrated or lonely, that he considers more fully the implications of such a singular mentality about sex.Sex is available to any man who wants it without foregoing risk management, but men won’t be learning that from the legions of hucksters out there doing nothing more than exploiting their loneliness for a buck.It is not just your specific teachings that are flawed, but your specific It was not intended to present Gamebots and PUA’s with a more efficient way to maintain their pussycentism, but a challenge to the centrism itself. And that brings us to your second “point.” Part of the problem here is that your constant obfuscations are tearing down any chance you have of making a valid argument.And you demonstrate now that all of that flew directly over your pointed little head. “top-tier women” and references to your own stellar success over 95% of the male population. But perhaps, Frost, you should define what “top tier” means to you. At this point I will just inform AVf M readers that I have taken on the responsibility of translating Frostspeak into plain honest English.Thankfully, the points of contention are simple enough that I needn’t be too loquacious to address them.

I can skip over his initial and lackluster stabs at humor, and the pointless attempt to explain what the debate is was helpful.

And of course that is a worthwhile goal of any healthy heterosexual male, with perhaps one caveat.

Having sex with a female is also the natural and healthy goal of a male black widow spider, which tends to benefit the female in that she usually gets a post-coitus snack.

It is not “improving your relationships with women,” that Frost is talking about, of course.

It is getting more pussy, hopefully from some of those “top tier” women. To the contrary, AVf M is very much interested in improving relationships with women.

And so you present that bit of intellectual wizardry as your first, heavily emphasized statement in the debate. And what aspects of Game is it that will help us figure it out before it is too late for the next man caught in her web?