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Risks dating someone hiv positive

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Where is the documentation for undetectable people transmitting HIV?And then you add an extra layer of protection with condoms, and what are you looking at there? After the age of 22 or so, when I educated myself about HIV and viral load, I never chose partners based on HIV status.

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So in a “chat” scenario, if you’re talking on a mobile device, like Derek mentioned, I think the immediate go-to is to disclose, or to ask the person you’re interested in sleeping with, “What’s your status? ” Even if it doesn’t lead to something, or even if the person ends up rejecting you, you’re putting the burden of being cool in their court. The first couple of times, it’s probably not going to go well—you’re going to clam up, or you’ll get nervous.I think it’s gotten easier in the last five years, because more people are talking about being undetectable and what that means for sexual behavior, and also because of the introduction of Pr EP.I know more and more guys under 25 who are on Pr EP and are very comfortable talking about HIV. If you start getting into the real nitty gritty with people who don’t have a work-related or deep relationship to HIV, you lose them. So my advice is, always keep it simple when you talk about “undetectable” and sex.For an update on the science, read “ “Undetectable” is a medical term—but its meaning goes beyond lab reports and doctor’s offices.It refers to suppressed viral load, which is both a key goal of treatment to protect the health of people living with HIV and an exciting new tool for reducing risk of HIV transmission to negative sex partners. Watch our animated video for an easy-to-follow explanation of undetectable viral load and its importance for HIV health and HIV prevention.) So how do we talk about it?Editor’s note (2016): Since this article was published in 2013, there have been many exciting developments in research on viral suppression and treatment as prevention.

We now have substantial evidence that people living with HIV who maintain an undetectable viral load to not transmit HIV to sex partners.

This applies, obviously, to someone who has already been diagnosed as HIV positive, and who has controlled replication of the virus. When I ask guys if they’re undetectable, it’s one question in a series. Today, so much of this is done electronically, on Grindr and Scruff and Jackd and all these applications and online connections, that communication can actually be easier than being face-to-face.

What it means in a social context is that this person, in theory, is the least “infectious” they can be, biologically. Derek: For the most part, they appreciate that I’m bringing it up.

And what does it mean to different people in different contexts?

BETA put these questions to Zachary Barnett and Derek Brocklehurst, two gay men with different experiences of “undetectable.” Zachary is the founder and executive director of the Abzyme Research Foundation, an organization working toward an HIV vaccine, and has written candidly in the Advocate about his experiences disclosing his own HIV status and undetectable viral load.

I think that’s a new thing, and it’s fantastic, because community knowledge will be the turning point in this epidemic, on the behavioral side. My sense is that sex with an undetectable guy is completely, 100% safe when you use a condom.