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Russell crowe nicole kidman dating

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Nicole Kidman actually caught Russell’s eye years ago and during an interview with Oprah Winfrey Russell actually confessed that he would have “killed to have a date with Nicole,” but at the time Nicole wasn’t single.Russell Crowe could just be a supportive friend, or he could see the writing on the wall and know that a divorce is right around the corner – so he is getting himself in to position to make a move in Nicole before anyone else gets a chance.

An insider dished to the magazine, “Keith caught Nicole spilling to Russell on the phone and he is furious!” Russell has been a pal of the family since day one, but now he is single and Keith is uncomfortable with their close bond.” Would Russell Crowe ever make a move on Keith’s wife Nicole?Well, it turns out Keith actually does have a reason to be concerned.“And the important thing is that it’s nearly six months working in Australia.” Crowe, who lives in Sydney, southern Australia, is thrilled the new movie is set in his home country, because he will be able to stay close to wife Danielle Spencer, who is expecting their second child in July.He continues, “We start rehearsals in May and the cameras roll in June.A so-called “source” then tells the magazine that Crowe has “held a torch for Nic for years” and sees her alleged marital strife as “his chance to sink his hooks into her.” Crowe and Kidman will soon be co-starring the upcoming movie, , so the outlet’s dubious insider goes on to claim the actor “plans to shower Nicole with gifts and compliments” during the shoot.

“Russell’s hitting the gym hard so he’ll be in tip-top shape when he escorts Nicole on the red carpet for their movie premiere next year,” adds the seemingly phony source.

However, their relationship took a turn for the worse when Keith reportedly caught his wife Nicole on the phone with pal Russell Crowe telling him all about the couple’s woes.

Now that Russell Crowe is a single man – Keith is not happy about how close he is getting to Nicole.

The Oscar-winners have been keen to secure a new project since filming for 2005’s collapsed amidst rumours of script problems and on set fall-outs.

Crowe says, “It’s set in the 1930s and 40s and I can tell you it’s a romance and I do a bit of horse riding and a bit of swooning with Nic.

Regardless of Russell’s intentions, Keith Urban is actually just driving Nicole farther away from him by being insanely jealous or her relationship with Crowe.