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Sara ramirez dating eric dane

Well, let's just say she can use a little more loving care with her students, particularly Cristina.

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Sara Ramirez is an incredible comedic and dramatic actress and we wanted to be able to play up her magic. Hahn was a recurring character through the show's second and third seasons, and joined the main cast in the fourth season. is a fictional character from the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy, portrayed by actress Brooke Smith.The character first appeared in three episodes of the show's second season, followed by another two episodes of the show's third season.Discussing whether she thought Hahn might become a main character after her season three appearance, Smith has stated that at the time: "I didn't really think it was going to work out", However, following Washington's departure from the show, Hahn was brought back as a main character in the show's fourth season, replacing Burke as Seattle Grace's Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Researching the role, Smith watched a heart surgery performed, and liaised with the surgical nurses employed by Grey's Anatomy producers to maintain realism in the show's operating room.Prior to assuming the role, Smith observed heart surgery being performed, and admitted to finding stressful the pressure of continually portraying a medical professional realistically.

The character is presented as highly professional, to the point of being a "workaholic".

And I really hoped we were going to show what happens when two women fall in love and that they were going to treat it like any heterosexual couple on TV.

And so I was surprised and disappointed when they just suddenly told me that they couldn't write for my character anymore.

Smith has said that she was not expecting her character to be introduced to the show full-time, as she "didn't want to be disappointed if it didn't happen." She has stated that a deciding factor in her return was the opportunity it presented to explore the character in greater depth, explaining: "When I work on something that has a beginning, middle and end, I can create an arc. She dubbed this research stressful, stating that "I got very neurotic about the fact that I didn’t go to medical school.

I’m not actually a doctor", Brooke Smith was obviously not fired for playing a lesbian.

" And they said, "The [next episode] is your last," which is the one that airs this Thursday. Describing her character's personality, Smith has stated: "Dr.