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Separated dating rules

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(for both new awards and endorsements) must include sufficient funds to cover the cost of returning all confirmations (QSL cards) via the method selected.

Such activities include malicious attempts to cause disruption or negatively affect the accreditation of an operation.Failure, or refusal, to respond to these requests may result in removal of the credits requested by DXCC and/or removal of the awards pertaining to the audit.Events may also lead to disqualification from the DXCC program.Participants are encouraged not to enter into another relationship during the term of the course as this can hamper their long term healing.WSD aims to provide a safe environment for all participants, both during the course and at social events. We're told Blac Chyna isn't acknowledging the breakup -- she's in denial -- and some of her stuff is still at the house.

De Soto's, W1CBD, landmark 1935 QST article, "How to Count Countries Worked, A New DX Scoring System." De Soto's article discussed problems DXers had in determining how to count the DX, or entities, they had worked.

For more than 70 years, the DXCC List has been the standard for DXers around the world.

De Soto never intended that all DXCC "countries" would be countries in the traditional sense of the word.

Exemplary conduct is expected of all amateur radio operators participating in the DXCC program.

Evidence of intentionally disruptive operating practices or inappropriate ethical conduct in any aspect of DXCC participation may lead to disqualification from all participation in the program by action of the ARRL Awards Committee.

Our aim is to encourage self-healing and self-growth.