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There were about 100 different pieces of artwork that had to be placed together and so just a slight tweak could require a serious reconfiguring.On top of this, Wetherell had only been given a visual effects element for one foot and so to make it not seem like a boring clone job over the lengthy end credits, he had to create many different steps.

The potentially scandalous moment (seen above) occurs at the movie's end credits, which was sort of an unprecedentedly long and impressive sequence for its time.t the end of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," hidden in an alcove in the far left corner of the Marauder's Map, are what many dedicated Potterheads have presumed to be two students hooking up, despite the adapted film's PG rating.For those unlearned in the magic of the Potter universe, the Marauder's Map shows the location of everyone within the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with little footsteps.As the process was going along, Wetherell inserted many different footsteps as sort of placeholders with the intent of going back to them and at least "embellishing and improving." However, with the demand of the production and deadlines, Wetherell admitted there were a few that he simply never got back to and, along with Cuarón's instructions, the sneaky embrace survived.Cuarón was closely involved with Wetherell's work and "saw about every aspect of the movie down to each of the individual sets of footprints." Cuarón's enthusiasm for how the end credits was going encouraged Wetherell to keep adding "more and more and more" which ended up leading to the inclusion of the embrace.Originally, the Marauder's Map for the main film was created by an artistic team consisting of Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, and from this outline, the company Cinesite enlisted visual effects artist Evan Davies to create the dissolving footsteps.

All of these things -- including the physical prop map -- were then handed to Wetherell to develop the elaborate footstep patterns for the credits sequence essentially by himself.

One such elaborate moment involves a "Stink Bomb Store," when there's a mini-explosion and then all the feet run out.

But Wetherell doesn't consider these moments the true Easter eggs -- or hidden moments -- of his work, as he hid even more hard to spot moments in the credits.

after doing sort of 20 days back to back." "There was an alcove in the artwork, it was kind of like an opportunity to have a couple of students hiding in there.

So I just threw a couple of feet down," said Wetherell.

Were the footsteps snuck in without someone's knowledge or did the Academy Award-winning director of "Prisoner of Azkaban," Alfonso Cuarón, insist on their inclusion in the final cut? The idea for the footprints in the corner was a "behind the bike shed" moment that "wasn't meant to be any particular character from the movie." That said, Wetherell suggested that it could have been an extension of Potter and Chang's kissing moment.