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Let’s kick it off with the very first verse and then we’ll look at some of the unique elements of Mark.

Jesus is before all things as John 1:1 says: “In the beginning was the word…” Beginning can also refer to the start of something, like a road.These churches are designed to empower all members to find their God-given purpose in life, to equip them and to send them on missions into the world to reach and serve those who don’t know Jesus, much like the crew of an aircraft carrier is all about launching military planes and equipping them well to carry out successful missions.Did you know an aircraft carrier is the same size as many cruise ships, housing thousands of people?Very little of a church’s calendar, training or communication is spent on activities to reach the lost or help those in need outside the church.There are, however, churches that are more like aircraft carriers.It’s a privilege to serve on the flight deck with the people of the U. BTW, let me be clear that I’m not saying that going on a cruise is a bad thing.

I’ve heard that they’re a blast…I just don’t want our church to become one.

I am so glad that Edgewood is an “aircraft carrier church”! Instead of just living for pleasure you are focused on your God-given purpose.

Instead of just cruising through life, you are committed to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

The main goal in these churches, as on a cruise ship, is to keep the “customer” happy and the complaints to a minimum.

Leaders in a cruise ship church focus on the existing members rather than pursuing those far from God or encouraging others to do so.

” You can find the post on the sermon extras tab on our website. People who attend “cruise ship churches,” much like cruise ship passengers, often come to be entertained and catered to by the staff. In fact, they tend to rate the quality of their experience – the music, the sermon and the way it made them feel – much like cruise ship passengers rate their satisfaction with various aspects of their trip.