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The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said that the dogs, all pit bull-mixes, attacked the man after he jumped the fence at the Cal State Steel Company.Security guards who heard the man's screams called 911.

His parents said that his death marked the third son they had lost in 15 years.According to the a newspaper in Childress, Texas, Ashton Scott was in the care of his great-grandmother when the dog attacked.She was warming a bottle for the infant when the rottweiler escaped from another room in the house and attacked the baby.Davies County Sherrif Kevin Heldenbrand said that Quillan might have been playing with the chained dog when it attacked.The mother got to her son, but not before fatal injury had been inflicted.Two pit bulls were blamed in Dalton's death that belonged to his cousin, Jimmy Ray "J. The dogs, Infinity (female) and Rocky (male) were found with blood on them and seized by animal control.

The Forsyth County medical examiner said that Gilbert suffered severe wounds to his face, scalp and arms. Two years later, Cowan pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Dental records showed that two of the attacking dogs, great Pyrenees-mixes belonging to Dr.

Ephraim Gammada, had been running loose at the time.

The suspected pit bull, named Max, was found covered in blood. Garcia was a handyman and occasionally performed jobs for Pederson.

[source citations] Dianna Acklen, 60-years old, was fatally attacked by three dogs in a rural residential area where she regularly walked.

Sheriff's deputies arrived to find the man badly mauled and still under attack. The dog ripped off all of Garcia's clothes, including his shoes, during the deadly attack.