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At the top of the High Street, Newhaven Coffee House is a friendly venue, with seats out on the pavement, great coffees, teas and cakes.I love the veggie breakie (£7.45), involving poached eggs, mushrooms, peppers and grilled halloumi. I think I counted eight, and the historic Bridge Inn at the bottom of the High Street is due for renovation, when it will be taken over by the legendary brewery, Harvey’s of Lewes.

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Newhaven actually has two marinas – one is on a branch of the Ouse River, and populated with house-boats and paddle steamers that look as if they’ve sailed here from the Mississippi.The charming working port of Newhaven gets a bad rap, which (imho) is entirely undeserved.Newhaven has a reputation as a grimy port – indeed, three years ago, when I first cycled there from Brighton on an investigatory day trip, I took one look at the street leading downhill to the notorious ring road, spun round and cycled back in horror.A MAN has been convicted after targeting vulnerable young girls and systematically sexually exploiting and assaulting them.Unemployed Lewes Harby faces jail after admitting raping two girls under 16, sexually assaulting three other girls and meeting a 15-year-old girl for sex after grooming her.“He abused that trust, fostering relationships with the girls to a point where he could then abuse or rape them.

“Rather than the trustworthy friend they had been led to believe him to be, Harby was a sexual predator who used these young girls for his own sexual gratification.” Harby will be sentenced on September 29.

Newhaven is a really green town and we have the South Downs on our doorstep.

On the cliffs above the beach, Castle Hill is a local nature reserve, where wild creatures thrive in the dense bushes.

The spacious complex in the leafy outskirts of Newhaven also has a Planet Earth Museum with a collection of fossils and crystals, and a Dinosaur Safari, delighting the little ones.

On a recent visit, I had a wonderful experience holding a beautiful barn owl, when a local rescue centre held an owl show.

Newhaven doesn’t reveal its secrets immediately, but take a little time to explore the town beyond the A259 and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of attractions on offer, from the Napoleonic Fort guarding the beautiful beach to Paradise Park and Dinosaur Safari.