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We have helped hundreds of people through life's challenges. We look forward to helping your reach your goals.""Hi, I'm Christine Novak, MA, LCPC, of Changes Counseling, LLC.We have helped hundreds of people through life's challenges. We look forward to helping your reach your goals.""I am a licensed clinician, comfortable working with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Our first priority is for you to feel comfortable, listened to, and respected.Because census tracts are based on population, they vary in size depending on the density of settlement.In urban areas, they are small, and in rural areas they can cover an entire small town or even a few small towns in very rural areas.And, as always, we show you the actual street map of the neighborhood so you know exactly where your best matching neighborhood is located.A condition alert is a condition in the neighborhood that triggers an alert.Neighborhood Scout contains condition alerts to highlight conditions that are extreme, whether good or bad.

"How do you feel in your relationship with yourself?

I believe that my clients are the experts of themselves and work collaboratively with them in reaching their goals.""It doesn't have to feel like this. If you're feeling overwhelmed with your current situation, I can help.

As a counselor, I take an takes a holistic approach that combines research with practice, assimilating many different types of evidenced-based counseling theories to help you achieve personal growth and positive well-being.

If you're struggling to find your path, I can help!

As a doctoral candidate & licensed therapist who specializes in helping clients find meaning in life, I help individuals, couples and kids get "unstuck", and moving forward on their journey to personal fulfillment.""Do you have purpose, a passion and a path?

Using census tracts makes great matches possible, and helps people find the areas that are best for them and their families.