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Request Numero Uno for teachers at Japanese universities is: Please don’t fail everyone. Those who do crayon drawings for assignments are displaying additional artistic talent, and deserve a B. A small advantage that ultimately makes a huge difference.

I suspect there are some real exams in Engineering or Physics, but hide out in the Liberal Arts and . There’s little discussion, considering the pros and cons of immigration, abortion, religion, nuclear power, war, crunchy peanut butter versus smooth. To high school, where you study for harder tests with harder formulas that determine what college you go to. The first two years are for partying, and the next two for job-hunting. Every bookstore, magazine stand, and school, has a significant portion of its bookshelves packed with comic books. It’s generous, and a bit dismissive, to say that Japanese folks simply love “cute” things. Plenty of time to learn all that other stuff after retirement. Why rush around walking and running when crawling’s easier, not to mention more relaxing? If it takes longer than with other languages then, well, we live longer too, so there. Everyday you impact a lot of people in various ways and that is extremely admirable.I hope that you continue doing what your are doing, and most importantly that you keep enjoying yourself in the pursue of the American dream.You are also a constant reminder to me that we must dedicate ourselves to the profession that makes us happy, and follow our dreams. I first watched "Jenny Live" at a friends house and they are Latino too.

When I first heard her I said to Palo, sorry but I don't understand Spanish he said, "just wait you will" and then she began to translate.

The standard of education might actually be lower than in high school. let’s just say nobody’s pulling all-nighters in dorm rooms debating issues while stuffing down handfuls of Doritos or arguing philosophical points over cans of Natty Lite. But let’s back up, to middle school, where students study for tests, with right-and-wrong answers, that determine the high school they get into. And once you get into college, if you go, you’re largely free to screw off and stop studying. You’re hard-pressed to find an instruction sheet in Japan that doesn’t include some cute bear or penguin gesturing with his little paw or flipper about how to sort your trash, sign up for health insurance, or microwave a serving of pasta.

Fine, I’ll change my grade-book to reflect her newfound proficiency.” As long as your parents can pay the tuition, you’re set.


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