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Sex personals

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According to a criminal complaint, two women told authorities that Dupuy harassed them after they rejected him, and that online ads were placed without their knowledge.The complaint said photographs from an alleged victim's Facebook page were used in the escort section of along with her telephone number.

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Images are the most powerful form of communication in Facebook adverts, and it is very tempting to put a huge text there to communicate your ‘SALE! ’ Earlier Facebook would not allow more than 20% text on a promoted image.You can find them explained in: Facebook Advertising Policies The list of rules are long and sometimes quite complicated to understand.Also, Facebook usually does not offer any explanation to why your promotion was denied.If you’re using Facebook for marketing -You may have experienced Facebook not approving your adverts.This is frustrating and quite often it’s hard to figure out why an ad is not approved.You need to have a message with high moral and ethical standards and target only an adult audience to get your ads approved.

Also be aware that Facebook analyses your website too and particularly the landing page for your ad.

You’re probably thinking, but wait -I’ve seen ads with content like this!

We are not talking about violating posts that people put up which get huge hits organically.

This is no longer a rule, but more than 20% text will reduce your reach even if you get Facebook to approve adverts. You must comply with community standards and avoid to use images that infringe on 3party rights, including copyrights, trademarks and privacy.

You basically have to have the right to use an image or own it yourself.

Promotion of alcohol is allowed in some countries but restricted with a long list of rules you have to follow.