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Sheree whitfield dating dr

Sheree was referencing Kenya goading Porsha Williams over lunch about her anger management classes and her ex-boyfriend Matt's recent vandalism of her home.Kenya didn't back down in a confessional to the camera.'I know for a fact Shereé has been in an abusive relationship before.

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As they drove there in a convertible Cadillac, both wearing headscarves to mimic the movie Thelma & Louise, Phaedra asked: 'Who would have ever thought that Kenya would be the Thelma to my Louise and we would be bunk buddies for a few days.'Kenya initially cracked up at the bare-bones living quarters — joking it was 'like a prison camp' — and was teased by Phaedra over her skimpy outfit, including a low-cut yellow vest.'Why are your breasts so big?Phaedra over lunch suggested they all go on an adult camping trip together.That brought up memories of past trips that were marred by physical altercations involving Porsha.Shereé, meanwhile, seemed to be having far more luck in a new relationship — one with the ex-husband she divorced almost 10 years ago.After ex-husband Bob Whitfield, the 44-year-old former NFL player she divorced after his string of affairs, made a disastrous attempt at impressing her with a 'first date' he tried again — this time with much more luck.He took her to a venue set aside just for them for a French meal to remind them of a happy trip they took to Paris — even hiring a cabaret dancer, but instead getting up onstage to attempt a sexy dance of his own.

But he made an even bigger impression when he sat down and for the first time thanked her for raising their children into 'responsible young adults.''In all seriousness — thank you beautiful lady for being a good mom,' he told her, leading her to praise the new Bob and tell him: 'If it progresses into something else I love that.''Being on this date with Bob reminds me of the old Bob, the one I first fell in love with.

And I didn't appreciate her bringing me into it,' Sheree said.

The row erupted after Phaedra Parks got the ladies together after the special camp she set up for kids afflicted by the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

It's kinda eye opening.'Later, she was shown taking bed rest after her headline-grabbing black out at a nail salon, with her admitting: 'This fainting issue is very scary — it's happened five times in my past.'I've been diagnosed with a condition where not enough blood flow is going to the brain.'Todd rushed to be with her, bringing her two tubs of ice cream, but she noticeably turned her cheek to his kisses — and then blamed him for her health woes.'Guess what the doctor said — that this was based on stress,' she told him sternly.

She then revealed that they later had another 'serious blow-up' not caught on camera, saying: 'Todd was doing that middle-of-the-night poke.'I work a lot, so I was very tired, and I just totally was not in the mood and I left.'But she made it clear it was probably not tiredness that killed her mood, admitting: 'All this idle time with Todd not looking for a job — I don't find it cute at all.

Kenya Moore claimed that Sheree Whitfield was in a past abusive relationship during a stormy lunch on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.