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(Obviously a keeper.) But really, emotionally uninvolved people who went to school for this didn't give that a try? I heard Tom Chapin's song "The Ragtime Dance" (URL q="tom chapin" "ragtime dance") for the first time today and thought your listeners might appreciate it. I have had the intention in the classes I taught today of going with the flow like salmon in a river that dam themselves there pretending to be beavers until they hear that the river is endless and flows with unimaginable abundance to the ocean and their full salmonhood.(Wasn't there another Radio Lab segment where an audio stimulus broke through a communication barrier? I see that perseverance in Allan's hope and commitment to Emily - he knew something else had to be tried and he tried.

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So, I got this in my email today, as a sort of epilogue I guess. So, I got this in my email today, as a sort of epilogue I guess. I hope someone does a doc on them like 10 years from now and they have little Alan's and Emilie's to show the world. I only caught a small portion of this one, on my way to the grocery store.This story was cool and uplifting, but I have to admit I got kind of bummed out doing Google research on it, because a Washington Post article from June 2014 (the most recent I could find) refers to Alan as her "then boyfriend." It's nobody's business, and I realize most early 20's romances kind of flame out, but dang, that got me down a little, and inflamed my curiosity.Maybe Radiolab can do an episode about true exist?5 minutes or more went by and no one noticed she wasn't breathing.She had had a heart attack, but it was the lack of air that induced the coma.) I wanted to encourage the Radio Lab team to explore teaming up with Tom Chapin (or others who focus on entertaining children) to connect with a younger audience. I stayed in my car in the garage listening and hearing the awakening of Emily and I felt incredibly grateful for all that I have in health and family and friends, my whole body awakened alive as I stepped out of the car.

With so many negative influences on children in modern society, it would be great if Radio Lab could work harder at being a positive influence. Thank you for sharing and making it possible for us all to have hope and to try with our deepest knowing that there's always one more thing to try when we have almost given up hope.

But when they made the decision, i went back to home, in her bedroom near the bathroom on the floor with the light on, working on a model as I had just started architecture school. She died and I lost my mother 36 years ago and a trigger like a white lily, crossing paths with this story somehow a bridge of love perhaps, a message for my heart today. I am so glad to know that even in the darkest depths, we can still find each other, and in your case come back.

I was sitting here tearing at my hair and going SOMEONE TALK TO HER LIKE HELEN KELLER!

Thanks you Jad and Robert for bringing such a beautiful and thought-provoking story to the public.

My son fell asleep at the wheel 4 years ago and had many of the same injuries. He was in 5 hospitals and care centers in 6 months before coming home for good. Never was he alone; always always had the love and devotion of family and lots of prayer.

I heard this when I was driving and sat in the driveway in the cold, transfixed. The next morning I sent the pastor of the church where I work the link to Finding Emilie.