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Popular to all of people around that area with a haunted house that has been torn off (99 out of 100 people in the city know about this area).This place has a lot of different stories, someone said this place used to be a coffee shop, some gangs came and shot each others made alot of people death and became haunted.

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In the lower level, there is a wall of the crypts of children.Workers have witnessed apparitions, strange laughter, screaming, cold spots and freezer doors flying open violently along with the ejection of the contents.- In the north valley Baptist church, there was a mass cult suicide, where innocent children were slaughtered like cows for there meat.The area is accessible; the back room to the right of the landing has spots, which are very cold.Built around 1918 after the original structure was destroyed in 1912.Sightings of a little girl wandering around the store.

According to employees they have heard her giggling at night when the store is closed some have the feeling of being watched and touched.

Apparently in the early 70's a body of a little girl was found in the back of the store. A student by the name of Edwin was killed in the theatre in the 1950s when a counterweight sand bag fell from the cat walk and broke his neck.

Students have sited him in the theatre and in the upper cat walk.

Apparently they went there to hide from men who were drunk and attempting to rob and murder them.

Unfortunately they did not get away, and were indeed murdered. Purchased from the Mexican government by John Reed, the adobe compound was turned into an inn.

When the boy took off with the pie the farmer chased the boy to a developing street called "Acacia" The boy was shot and killed while begging for his life on the future site of 87 Acacia.