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The New CTP-2 Cool Tube also includes adjustment controls for the tube and an external microphone.It still includes bass and treble tone controls, semi-parametric midrange, a second-source input and blend control & Chromatic Tuner. The Cool-Tube features an onboard tuner and an auxiliary input jack and volume knob, which can control an additional add-on pickup of your choice.

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The Graph-Ex has a volume knob which retracts to a flush position and also a battery check to let you know you've still got enough power..Other features include volume control and onboard tuner.( More Info ) Found on the NEW TP SERIESThe Takamine Graph-Ex Preamp has three bands of EQ along with an "Exciter" control which allows you to accentuate, brighten-up, or "excite" the output in a cleaner more defined sound.The CT4B II consists of 3 bands of graphic EQ tone control, a volume control slider and a built-in chromatic tuner.The 3 band EQ provides control over the bass (LOW), midrange (MID) and treble (HIGH) frequency response.The mid range is shaped using a semi-parametric EQ section comprised of a rotary knob used to choose the mid point of the midrange frequency.

The midrange frequency can be cut or boosted with the mid slider. The Takamine DSP Series Preamp is an approach to acoustic guitar preamp designing.

Add a second pickup (the Takamine Tri-Ax, for example), and the CT4-DX gives you independent control over both pickups, each of which will then have two-band EQ and a notch filter control.

You can also alter the mix levels of each of the pickups.

(After over two years of research and design time, Takamine has once again demonstrated their leadership in acoustic-electric guitar amplification technology. For Cool Tube Models additional information is here .

The EQ section utilizes a shelving, graphic EQ, which can cut or boost bass and treble frequencies.

Operates on 4 AA batteries which will deliver approximately 24 hours of playing time.