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Teaching lds youth about dating

William Johnson (admin) on Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 at am in Home Making Leader, Mormon Mother, Mormon Primary Presidency, Mormon Primary Teacher, Nursery, Relief Society Instructor, Uncategorized, Visiting Teaching Coordinator, Young Womens Advisor, Young Womens Teacher Congrats Heather for having the courage to leave both an unhappy marriage and the LDS Church.

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My high school boyfriend was LDS and I got totally sucked in. I went to Michigan State University and was heavily involved with the student ward there so I met a returned missionary at an institute dance. During the fifteen years of my first marriage I got used to looking at everyone else who seemed happy and knowing that would never be me.My party-line response was, “Oh that can’t be true”.At the moment I said that, I realized how programmed my thinking was. And that I take eternal matters “lightly” because of the conclusion I ended with. My ex and I one day just decided to be done with it.I still justified it in my mind but my testimony was cracked. One of them was a favorite aunt to cancer at 42 then her daughter at 17 to a car accident.I realized during that time of hell that I didn’t need the “gospel” to get me through life.She was unhappy in her marriage and the belief that you just need to endure and you’ll be happier after this life is incorrect. She knew it was wrong…just as you trust your feelings that Joseph is a prophet of God and that the church is true. And does that religion bring your family closer then the LDS church One doesn’t have to attend another religion to feel closer to their family.

She knew it was wrong, plus she did some research like you also should do. Sounds like a lot of anger and personal opinions to me. In fact, as an ex-Mormon myself I’m much closer to my family now that I have left.

That I didn’t need to endure a horrible marriage to get me to salvation. I found Jeff through an exmormon message board (

That I only have one shot at this thing and I was blowing it. He was going through a divorce at the same time so we became friends quickly.

I do, on occasion attend services at a Unitarian Universalist congregation, but most of the time, I actually SPEND time with my family instead of at a “church”.

I’m sorry to sound disrespectful, but it sounds like you are a very faithful latter-day saint. People generally don’t come to sites like this unless they are seeking comfort when they are having a crisis of faith…. If this site gives Heather an outlet and lets her express herself and get out some of her sorrow and frustrations, all the better.

They are all God’s creatures and deserve respect and to be shown some human decency.