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HEY IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME BE LESS BROKE: Etsy shop for my business for my business Donate to a starving artist? And I'm expecting something like 'I found a chipmunk' or 'I got a cute kitty' but no, its 'I have an evil banana.'"-My high school art teacher."Why does it smell like global warming out here? She was six."Two heads are better than one...unless you're a siamese twin..drowning."-My high school calcus teacher"What's happening is usually the opposite of what isn't happening."-my high school history teacher"Hey guys there's some shoulder pads in this trash can over here if anybody needs some."-oh, the things you hear at fashion school..."I think I'm gonna get everyone pudding cups as an Opening Night present, because of that pudding scene, you know? Prompts are welcome through reviews or private messages. And how do you become friends with a mouse, anyway? Picture Axel traveling around the worlds to find a soul mate in order to quench his desire for companionship and to prove to Larxene that he is not gay. Dragons and marauders and murderous deranged teenage Viking chiefs have never frightened her. "Just delivering a message," he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a simple, dark blue envelope, "from an old friend of yours." He dropped it on the table in front of Jack, who picked it up gingerly. God, I need to redo my entire profile but I don't even have the time. Kingdom Hearts: Something Real: First attempt at writing KH and sokai. OOC, dribbling, mushy, gushy, bubbling goopy romantic sap. We're having a four-way tug-a-war over a frisbee""So Megan bounces in here and says she has to tell me something. "-My young cousin Savannah, upon seeing Roxas for the first time. He's decided to confess the day they stand equally. While Sora and Kairi adjust to budding romance, Riku grapples with a loving adversary as lethal as poisoned honey. So I'm an ex-villain who nearly lost his soul and killed his best friend, and he's the oversized rodent that acts like a walking advertisment for Prozac. When a predominant angst writer makes an attempt at comedy, the results are priceless.

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Dort sind wir nach wie vor problemlos in der Lage, einen sicheren Erwerb von polnischen EU-Führerscheinen zu ermöglichen. She's more than an innocent ingenue, and he more than an effeminate bishie with too much estrogen. Let me explain further, then, for those of you who are not the Doctor. The object of the game we are playing is to obtain the name of your opponent. There's no place like Christmas Town for the holidays, especially when you've completely forgotten the holiday was almost upon you. That's your future right there, in between those two white pluses. Stop worrying about the finances, and focus on the blessing inbetween those pluses. It would have been a sin for her to smell any different; like strawberries, for example...oneshot. •clerith• -50 sentence for lj-With their monochrome palettes of pink and love for abundant foliage, how can you deny the chemistry between these two garden frenzied individuals? " The hunt for Melody Pond takes it's toll on the Doctor. Kairi, however, has a much more subtly devastating, devious battle plan. Maybe, without even knowing it, she was some kind of angel, sent here to remind him that he was not beyond forgiveness... She was bright, vivacious, energized, and she always smelled faintly of citrus. In the depths of desperation, they cling to all they've got: each other. Because if he did, he could die happy, so long as he'd had one dance...oneshot, sokai What kind of luck do you get when you find a five leaf clover on friday the 13th? It's not quite love and it's not quite lust, but anything is better than the crushing loneliness. But he had to, because he was determined to at least dance with Kairi once in his life before he died. It's always just been you and me; you and me and opportunity washing up on the shore. In which Ven discovers what is so wonderful about women, Aqua learns to lock her door when she's getting dressed, and Terra learns that Ven may not be as hopelessly clueless as they thought. almost Vx ASK Sora's decided that women have a distinctly unfair advantage when it comes to arguments--they have breasts. Two nobodies daring to do one thing they were always told they couldn't: feel. It's a word, princess." And it has plenty of uses: she ain't old enough for you.

set between 6.02 and 6.05Formerly multichap Asylum. A collection of those pairings that have Disney rolling in his grave and Nomura feeling sick to his stomach. Ranging from the almost normal to totally cracktastic. Boredom: Cidx Larxene: Everyone is allowed one monumental act of stupidity. Complete: Roxas and Namine's time in between KH1 and 2, written prior to 358/2 Days. That was just Axel's luck: falling for a fifteen year old.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who read the Redwall books and joined the Dibbuns Against Bedtime rpg community online and gave herself the name Sunflower Brushtail. It's also where I post Persephone sneak peeks and announcements related to updates. Send me any amount on : pay pal .me/suitemsewing (no spaces) (I set it up with my business name but it's connected to my personal sooooo given that I write fanfiction for free and if you've loved it over the years and would like to help in any way for me to be less broke any little bit helps and I would greatly appreciate it)READ AT OWN RISK: AS IN, THESE FICS SUFFER FROM BEGINNING WRITERS SYNDROMETeen Titans: Test: A oneshot following the end of Things Change in Terra's POV. Somewhere to Run: One of my first few attempts at writing tragic romance. "-one of my best friends Classmate "So are you going to be one of those dads who when the boyfriend comes to the door, you're standing there with a shotgun? I'll put them in the fridge with a note that say, 'Happy Opening! Love, Katie'."-the costume designer I work with"If this theatre was a reality show, (other theatre company) would be the villains...“ and then later, "I have nothing against them personally, I just hate what they stand for. You’re in college, you know how to get drugs right? They can be as little as one word or a full description of a certain scene you want. The key to starting a journey was taking that first step, but to Aqua, that step was the hardest. How do you tell your mother that you very nearly destroyed the world? There is no reason why something as benign as her boyfriend's mother should be so terrifying to her. hiccstrid"If we're going to hurt anyway, why don't we hurt together? River is determined to hide the damage even if it kills her. Something is going to crumble, she's just not sure if it's going to be her marriage or herself. Jack's eyes were wide as he ran a finger over the Tardis-blue paper.

Find me also on: LOL APPARENTLY ALL MY LINKS ARE SCREWED UP. AO3 Only a few of my most recent fics are up there, and I have no plans on transferring all 80 something. They're gonna think we're high schoolers trying to get cheap drunk.""No, no, I'm telling you, I have watched a LOT of Spongebob in my day, and there's no profanity in Spongebob.""That dress is so tight she's about to bust out of it, but she's just like 'oh look, Mama, I can dance in it! Bad part is, there is only one bed for the two of them. But they question themselves 'Am I really ready for a relationship again' sequel to 'Terra The nre 3: Spiritual A year ago, Kairi asked Sora at the docks to never change. She's not sure what she's going to do if they don't." Hiccup is born early. oneshot They're the first generation to come of age under peace with dragons. Oneshots, vignettes and drabbles chronicling life on Berk. oneshot Since the death of his people he'd very nearly shied away from romance entirely. It's just that he could hardly be expected to back down from such a challenge..sit quietly and watch River teach. " sokai, post KH2, oneshot Lesson 1: When you marry your best friends' daughter, awkward moments are to be expected.

It's the waves, water, sand, stars, boats, bubbles, shells, trouble, and most of all her. oneshot post KH2 sokai She could melt his defences and get him to talk no matter how much he didn't want to.

Nick comes east for Pammi's wedding.goodbye fic for Kaiora. Why is it that Sora and Kairi have gotten married and pregnant in that time and I've only kissed you twice in the last three years.' She didn't want to be Kairi A look at life :a little bit at a time: bits and pieces of lives and times and hopes and dreams and destinies and the downfalls of all of them. who knew pulling flowers apart would bring them so close together?

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