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In the depths of desperation, they cling to all they've got: each other. Because if he did, he could die happy, so long as he'd had one dance...oneshot, sokai What kind of luck do you get when you find a five leaf clover on friday the 13th?

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I have a bunny named Alonso and a kitty named Tater. THE SOUND OF MY LIFE"Trees grow back, people don't." -My 10th grade geometry teacher"It's not a kitty, if you pet a fish, it dies." -my best friend April"Oh, watch out, all you Avatar fans, Wil's practicing his pencil bending! Perhaps what they’ve been looking for all along is each other. An anomalous reading and the Doctor's piqued curiosity take him and his daughter to the edge of humanity's solar system. Dancing, chaos and a good deal of trouble result KH3. : This charm will bring us back together one day, I promise, Kairi: Bb S timeframe. He was happier than ever that he had someone in his life like Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler. Of willow trees and sunshine and romance beneath them; of a boy with words left unsaid, and the girl who desperately needs to hear them. And right hand men never get the girl, but she's clutching his hand. " oneshot Drabbles and oneshots featuring the Doctor learning to 'extrapolate a relationship from a biological accident'. Es kann für uns und unsere Kunden mit erheblichem Zusatzaufwand und deutlich höheren Kosten verbunden sein.Das ist aktuell leider nicht vollständig vorherzusehen.Her captor wasn't supposed to be a ghost from her past, and she wasn't supposed to become his ally..his lover. And when news spreads of a blonde-haired girl at the Dragon Master's side, there will be repercussions for dragons and Vikings alike. "If you loved me enough to marry me, then you should have loved me enough to not be okay with letting me go."-sokai- dual alternate endings. It wasn't supposed to happen like this.- It was just a routine mission. -Now I'm dying too.- "She's perfectly healthy..seems she's simply given up the will to live." oneshot post KH2I hope she's a fool. Kairi wasn't quite sure how to answer..KH2...sokai fluff.oneshot It shouldn't have been so difficult to ask her to dance. Riku and Kairi's lips are the prize...oneshot Sx K fluff, minor Roxasx Namine, minor implied onesided Rikux Kair It had to be done, no matter how much it hurt...

Rory didn't know why she called him; maybe she just didn't want to leave it unsaid. :.: Part of her wanted to stick a kunai in his back, another part craved the touch she'd lost her heart trying to regain:. Larxel Deer kairi who do yoo like betur me or riku chek yes or no' The problem, besides the spelling, was that it wasn't a yes or no question.

Diese Seiten werden erst bei einer Änderung der aktuellen Situation wieder relevant.

Since then she has used the name sunflowerb for just about everything. You can call me Sunflower, or Megan, or Sunny, or Megs. You can check the tag "persephone progress" to see me ramble about writing Persephone. They’re really nice people, but they’re fucking bastards and I wish they’d go out of business.""Well you’re not like, ‘Fuck this and this and this’ at your day job, are you? Where are the Mormons, they always have good stuff.""Whose opinion are you going to listen to on this, hm? ""I know you're a nice person because you're trying to rationalize someone having cheese stains on their armpits.""We've been in here an hour and we're leaving with mini bottles of wine and the smallest bottle of vodka. I try my best to complete prompt requests in order of which they've been received, but may hold off on prompts that aren't clicking with me. [The aftermath of Riku’s flirtation with darkness, told around the comments of his mother.] I think it involves more than simply being sent to the time out chair. One a vacation gone wrong, Sora and Kairi end up having to stay the night in a cottage on an island while Riku is back on the mainland trying to get them the right cottage. Astridcentric, companion/sequel to 'Cold North Wind'. There was only one person this could have come from. "I'm trying to be supportive here, but you gotta admit, it takes talent to mess up getting asked out by the girl you were trying to ask out to begin with!

Allen unseren Interessenten an tschechischen EU-Führerscheinen ohne MPU empfehlen wir, unsere Dienste in Polen/Slubice in Anspruch zu nehmen.

Dort sind wir nach wie vor problemlos in der Lage, einen sicheren Erwerb von polnischen EU-Führerscheinen zu ermöglichen.

If there's a fic you'd like me to post over there, just drop me a line. I'll just be posting in both places from now on.won't look down, won't open my eyes Persephone-verse oneshot focusing on pre-Persephone Hiccup Megan. Professional Seamstress with a BFA in Fashion Design as of May 2014 (which is a thing you should know because I've had this account since I was dreaming of that degree in high school.) Born August 6. Doesn't need to lose weight, doesn't know how to gain any. ' Yeeeahh, she can't sit her ass down but she can whip and nae nae."She finds him in the woods with an injured Night Fury. So Kai.[oneshot] [sokai] [for Gray Rain Skies challenge] Her happiness, however, never seemed to last very long. Now, as they reflect on the past year at the very same place, they realize that nothing can stay the same, but it doesn't mean that everything has to. He was the last of his kind, and Noah didn't let loners on the ark.