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Tonka truck dating

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But finances are super tight right now and I need every gift this year to be worth the money we spend on it.I don't want to spend $25 on a truck that will break easily.

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Its armor is strong enough to withstand a ten-ton bomb.The Tomkah is a large infantry fighting vehicle fielded by the krogan on Tuchanka.It is outwardly similar to the Alliance M35 Mako and M29 Grizzly, although it is considerably larger (to house the much larger krogan), standing almost twice as high as a standard Alliance IFV.It wasn’t long ago that we featured the Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept, now we bring news of an FJ Company custom build that was inspired by a Tonka truck the client had as a child.The FJ40 project represents the fulfilment of two dreams – a father passing on his knowledge and passion for classic cars, and a son who brought his father’s legacy full circle.They try to make them so real, that the little parts like side mirrors get broken.

Or maybe the credit card ones are made more cheaply. I don't think they are the same quality as the Bruders my kids play with a the toy store.

The plastic on that thing is just thick and obviously built to last, as are a couple of trucks by Little Tikes that I've picked up from the goodwill.

the bruder always seemed kinda thin to me, though, as noted previously its still in good shape (though its also never been his favorite truck, unlike the aforementioned GT dump truck..) I was pretty excited to find a bruder cement mixer last year for credit card rewards points.

The vehicle wasn’t equipped with its original engine, which gave FJ Company the license to go all-out and fully modernise the driving experience.

FJ Company rebuilt the Toyota 3F-E engine and paired it with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Raptor bed liner adds a super-tough coating to the floor, preventing scuffs and scratches, while the marine-grade audio system keeps the tunes coming, even in wet conditions.