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I won’t go into too much detail for the standard usual development process, so here's the quick rundown: Test the game, test it again, ask other people's opinion, polish it and test it again.

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Both visual novels and dating sims usually have a "Gallery Screen" where you can replay previous scenes which are typically still images.I'd dare to say that, for a commercial product, the art is as least as important as the writing, if not more.Unfortunately this means that, if you're on a tight budget, it may be hard to create a visually appealing game.In the case of indie developers, few include racy themes or art as they are often trying to appeal a more family-friendly audience.While it certainly helps - especially for gameplay - it's really not necessary to play original Japanese visual novels or dating sims.When people ask me for advice, I always tell them there is not a single, universal, valid answer.

There are several ways to sell your VN or dating sim (or games in general) and I know people who are successfully making a living using very different methods. ~ Freeware The basic idea here is first to gain popularity and a following through a few decent free VNs or dating sims and then try to sell new games to your fans.

That tool combines the powerful Python language with a full set of commands that lets you easily create a visual novel or dating sim.

Learn to use it well enough and you can also create a visual novel role-playing hybrid much like my RPGs Loren The Amazon Princess As you might imagine, visual novels include a lot of art.

Instead, having very good writing skills is far more important for both visual novels and dating sims (although a bit more important for the visual novels).

Writing skills also means coming up with original plot ideas and carefully planning each path.

That does not mean, however, that you need to have countless images.