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Transmen dating straight women

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In his article, “Fighting to Win” from the wonderful anthology That’s Revolting!, transgender activist Dean Spade (who is otherwise awesome) constantly uses the form “LGBfake T” – situating bisexual people not only as oppressors of transgender people, but also as benefactors of assimilationist gay privilege – wrongfully presuming that assimilationist gay campaigns include the needs and the agenda of bisexual people (and do not, in fact, trample all over us on their golden way to heteronormative white privilege).

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Another example is the acronym “LGB” that some transgender writers use in the same context of transgender exclusion.addressed me as if I was cisgender), thus insinuating that bisexual identification and politics are inherently transphobic and therefore contradictory to genderqueer and trans identification and politics.As implied through Bauer’s position – bisexuality is no longer critiqued simply as a term in certain transgender discourses, but is rather experiencing a slippage of meaning from the linguistic to the factual – if: bisexuality=transphobic, then: bisexual=transphobic as well.Those siding with this approach usually suggest the use of alternative identity categories, such as “pansexual”, “omnisexual”, “queer”, etc.(For the sake of fairness, I need to mention that I, too, once subscribed to these views, to the extent that they are now and forever recorded in a book and unchangeable.The study then examined the likely reasons for bisexual invisibility in case law and bisexuals’ apparent reluctance to sue for discrimination in the workplace.

They found that the ways laws are implemented, and the practices of individual lawyers and judges, contribute to the absence of bisexuals from the legal record.

Please be aware that I am writing this criticism not as an outsider, but as a genderqueer person involved in transgender community, and activism.

I hope this criticism is taken in the same spirit in which it was written – that of passion and solidarity.

From hereon and until the 90’s, bisexuality and bisexual people fade away from sight and historical attention, and this, despite the fact that gay and lesbian people are mentioned in abundance (both favourably and unfavourably).

Just to make this really clear – bisexual people are being erased in the book even from where they were undoubtedly present – demonstrations, the Stonewall rebellion, pride marches, the gay liberation movement, etc.

Throughout the debate, my genderqueer identity and position was completely ignored and dismissed in light of my bisexual identification.