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#Echo Fall Out #BBUK', 'Did she just play the most unjustified race card of all time?!

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Shock claims: Despite the multi-cultural theme of Big Brother, Sukhvinder Javeed, 38, claimed that herself and husband Imran, 39, were being ostracized for their Asian ethnicity, leaving viewers at home shocked.What a t**t man #bbuk', 'Sukhvinder they segregate you because you don't shut up. #BBUK', 'They dislike you, Sukhvinder, because you're annoying not because of your race #bbuk' 'And now it's turned into a race thing.This was literally about a hidden bottle of Echo Falls!The latest row involving Megan and Tiffany, known for her appearance on US show Flavor of Love, erupted into a screaming match following a conversation about the cleanliness of the house between Megan and former East Enders actor John Partridge.What proceeded was an abusive exchange between Megan and John, with the MTV star screaming: 'John I clean your s*** up.#CBB.'The show ended with two members of the security team entering the room and one grabbed Megan in an effort to prevent her injuring herself or anyone else.

Shortly afterwards the camera cut out and the credits ran.

You can definitely see the cliques'Shocked viewers were astounded by the claims, with some suggesting that the pair should receive a formal warning from Big Brother.

Outraged viewers wrote: 'Sukhvinder making it about her race when no1 said anything along those lines..

Left in tears, she was comforted by fellow housemate, Raphael Korine, who reasoned: 'You've faced adversity and you need to remember that you know that.'Still sobbing, Sukhvinder sighed: 'I don't want to live in a world where there's war.

I don't want to live in a world where people segregate me for the colour of my skin.' Observation: Viewers were shocked, however, when Imran pointed out: 'It is a reflection of life outside.

Thousands of viewers complained, leading to Jade being kicked off the show. 'TV presenter Carol Mc Giffin received a formal warning from Big Brother after using the N-word while she was quoting fellow housemate Ron Atkinson, who had previously lost his job as a commentator for using the slur to refer to a black footballer.