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Why not participate in a workshop, volunteer, or inquire about apprenticeship & work opportunities?

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Diversity Gardens | more Earth-friendly buildings surrounded by 77 acres of wetland ponds, grassy meadows & mixed forest. KW YMCA | Outdoor Centre (on Lake Erie) A native plant nursery working towards the enhancement & creation of natural areas in the Lower Great Lakes Basin.The best way not to miss out is to e-mail centres that interest you, and ask them to send their calendar when it comes out.Please note that some of these centres are operated from peoples homes, without corporate or government funding. Do not contact home-based centres later than eight or nine in the evening, unless they specify otherwise. area ON) Diversified 100-acre organic farm, gardens, woodlot, apple orchard, sheep, Belgian work horses, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks.Large garden (Community Supported Agriculture/CSA) grows vegetables for 50 families. Apprenticeships; short term one-on-one training by special arrangement.Annual series of solar & wind power workshops in their renewable energy cottage, powered by wind & sun. Everdales mission is to provide hands-on, solution-based food and farming education to build and engage healthy local communities.

To accomplish this, Everdale delivers a wide range of practical learning programs to people of all ages and backgrounds including farmer training, school programs, food and farming workshops and public events.

Features include solar & wind power; human-powered rowing and bicycle generators; solar water heating panels; compact fluorescent lighting; an off-the-grid building; corn stoves, masonry & infrared heaters; natural, recycled & salvaged construction materials; low flush & composting toilets; greywater filtration; living machine; solarium; greenhouse wall; living roof. Providing wholesale & retail native wetland, prairie, meadow and woodland wildflowers, grasses and trees since 1995.

Hosts outdoor education programs for area organizations and school groups; site tours available. Our plants are thriving across the province, in restoration sites, storm water ponds, families' backyards, school yards, and of course on our own farm.

Rental facilities: in our natural rustic setting, groups may run their own programs, workshops & seminars.

In the Hockley Valley, near Orangeville, 50km north of Toronto Airport. Ignatius Farm has been under the management of the Canadian Jesuits since 1913, encompassing a variety of activities, including organic livestock and apple production, and a retreat centre.

You will find links to places across Canada, the USA and worldwide. This page is: There is a growing number of environmental, ecological, or sustainable living Learning Centres across Ontario and Canada.