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Vinegar has a really long shelf life, so a bottle of it should last through the duration of your life.It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and best of all, it is insanely inexpensive. Baking soda is incredibly versatile, and can be used in hundreds of ways for non-toxic cleaning.

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It’s especially important to consider the harmful effects of commercial cleaners if you have young children or small pets at home, since they can be even more susceptible to the toxins.Brown Equipment is your tractor headquarters in Tennessee for Kubota tractors, Vermeer hay balers, Kubota mowers, Land Pride equipment, Woods mowers, Krone and Kawasaki products and we have the parts and service you need to keep your used tractors and equipment up and running.We are located on Highway 43 about 12 miles south of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and about 25 miles north of Florence, Alabama, just north of the Tennessee/Alabama line.These were coupled with a photo (right) of the king in military fatigues.Lots of people initially doubted the story's authenticity, but the photo at least seems to be legitimate.Vinegar has a high acidity level, which makes it an effective mold, bacteria, and germ killer.

In addition, the acid levels break down grease and dirt, making it a good choice for cleaning, even if you aren’t concerned about bacteria.

It was actually posted on the official Facebook page of the The Royal Hashemite Court (Jordan's monarchy), pretty much guaranteeing its authenticity.

The image caption simply said: "His Majesty King Abdullah II, The Supreme Commander of Jordanian Armed Forces, cuts his visit to the United States of America after the martyrdom of Muath Al Kasasbeh." The Jordanian government has denied that Abdullah was physically involved in any aerial attacks.

Duncan Hunter Jr., a Marine Corps veteran of two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, who was in the meeting with the king.

"He mentioned 'Unforgiven' and he mentioned Clint Eastwood, and he actually quoted a part of the movie." Hunter would not say which part of "Unforgiven" the king quoted, but noted it was where Eastwood's character describes how he is going to deliver his retribution.

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