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When connects to a DVD source, the display brightness and color seems There are 2 type of explanation: A.DLP projector has a similar bright/dark spot failure just like a LCD monitor.

MP611/MP611c/MP721/MP721c and MP770/SP830/SP831 can have my screen function.There is a standard measurement of the pixel damage allowed if it is due to the DMD damage. If there is a uneven dark spot on the display, There are black substrates around the mirror of the DMD chip. The light bulb of the projectors with general metal bulbs has its special-purpose specification, suitable for this factory model only and unable to share with other factory brand.The black frames around the display area are the reflection of the black substrates from the lights. Therefore, not being able to have mass production results in its expensive Because the working temperature of projectors is between 300~950 degrees.Some customer may complain that the result of the display varies when connecting to different signal resource.For example when projecting using a PC, the luminance contrast is better.Otherwise, the control circuitry in the projector cannot tell what kind of signal it is, especially sync signals.

If a video amplifier is not used, image The noise that users hear normally came from: 1.

And the Ballast can translated the energy from the power supply to the lamp.

And it can discuss with DMD-chip and Color wheel to control the b It is very high, over 900 degrees centigrade for a working lamp bulb of a projector.

Depending on how long the static image remained before image retention occurred, the shadow or outline "burn" onto the display can be a permanent or temporary.

This is due to the nature of liquid crystal technology and is not considered as product defect.

It has the advantages of full digitization, high contrast, fine image, small volume, and long-lived life, e The far distance will cause the bigger projection size, and lower image brightness.