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Updating cd drive firmware

updating cd drive firmware-53

Right click on the Item, Select "SEND TO" and Select your CD or DVD Drive. Place the firmware update disc you created in Step 5 into the tray of your device. Press the right arrow key on your remote control to highlight "YES" VII. After a brief delay, the television screen will read "New Upgrade data verified. You can vefify the update has occured by turning on the power to the device and clicking the setup button on your remote control.Open My Computer, right click on your DVD or CD ROM drive and select "WRITE THESE FILES TO CD" Follow the prompts provided by the CD Writing Wizard. Please remove the disc and close tray to continue". The version number will be shown in the top right corner. If your experiencing problems updating your device's firmware and in need further assistance please contact support.

Please keep in mind, only the disc types above can be used for firmware updates. Find the BIN File you extracted to the location outlined in Step 4. Note: If there is a problem, you will see the message "ERROR, Please check your disc and try again" If this occurs, be sure you are NOT using a Writable or Re Writable Blu-ray Disc and make a new disc using a DVD-RW / DVD-R / DVD RW / DVD R / CD-R / CD-RW VI. The television screen will read "Loading Software" and the LED display on the unit will say "CHECKSW" IX.If no firmware version is found, the firmware version is old and the device needs to be updated. [1] , [2] , [3] , [4] followed by the [DISPLAY] buttons. The "Model Name" section displays the chasis number of your product.This is how you can locate the correct firmware update for your product. The BDR-207DBK drive is perfect for system builders, for those looking to upgrade to a Blu-ray burner, or for those who already have software. It can burn up to 12x on BD-R (25GB) and BD-R dual layer (50GB) media, which is the fastest write speed available!Now you can have a backup you can trust and with as few discs as possible.Ensure no disc/media is present in the drive when updating firmware.

DISCLAIMER: The firmware (FW) utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your device if applied to an incorrect model.

The BDR-207DBK drive has features such as a Quick Start which enables the disc to be ready 42% faster, a Noise Suppression design to minimize noise, an Anti-Dust design to increase durability, and Precision Writing Technology to minimize write errors.

And of course being a Pioneer drive, the BDR-207DBK drive supports a wide range of blank media.

In order to upgrade the firmware of your device the following requirements must be met.

Requirements: - Access to a PC capable of writing one of the following formats CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD R/DVD RW - Access to a PC capable of extracting ZIP archive files.

You will then need to burn these Files to a CD or DVD Note: This procedure will vary depending on the operating system and software you are using on your computer.