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These keys are mathematically related to each other and are unique to each user ID.

The Lotus Notes connector needs the Lotus Notes email client to be installed on the machine where the connector resides.The query user has maximum rights to all users calendars, and we recommend that the query user and password are only to be used in the installation process.The query users ONLY purpose should be to set up the Lotus Notes connector in the Total View Administration.If you are a manager on the Domino Server it is possible to set the access level for several users at a time.This is done by modifying the ACL’s or the databases.All the queries that the connector performs are made through the user that the email client is configured with (the Step 1: The Lotus Notes client setup wizard After installing it, when the client starts for the first time, a wizard will pop out. Enter the mailbox username and the Domino server address In this step, if the user or Domino server you entered are not valid, you will be notified about it as in the following screenshots: Step 3.

Enter the id file for the query user When a user is created on the Domino mail server an id file is generated for that user.

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 Overview of Lotus Notes  What are Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes  Components of the Notes Infrastructure  Describing the Role of the Domino Server  What is a Domino Database  Understanding the Impact of the Domino Directory After completing this lesson, you should be able to: ● Identify additional Lotus Domino services.

After creating the , the Lotus mail client should be set up and ready to be used.

Start the Lotus mail client (version can be different than 6 according to your version of the client but the actions are the same) Enter the password for the query user Choose Calendar (second option from the right vertical tabbed menu) and if the query user’s calendar is displayed ok, then the query user is successfuly set up. After the calendar is open go to Tools and select Open Calendar For Choose the desired user in which calendar you want to test access and press OK.

Pressing Search Calendar button should generate a list of appointments in the Received text area meaning that the test was successfull. Use this information to modify the settings and retry.