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Updating certifier id entry not found in

Word of warning, use a test user as a one off text file reg and check everything is as you want it BEFORE loading that 3,000 user list. Remember, each item requires a ; after the text or if no text a ; just to get to the next field properly.This was to do about 100 people and I couldn't find a previous version I made so this way i figured I would never lose it again.

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Enter the id file for the query user When a user is created on the Domino mail server an id file is generated for that user.If you are a manager on the Domino Server it is possible to set the access level for several users at a time.This is done by modifying the ACL’s or the databases. If you have, I can understand why you might not choose to do it this way. easiest way to clear it is using Find/Replace by copying the "space" that you find being added in the notepad version and replacing with nothing. lookup Name=Administering IBM Domino 9.0.1 Social Edition#action=open Document&res_title=Registering_users_from_a_text_filed901&content=pdcontent Basically you create a spreadsheet usually then copy and paste it into a text file, which must conform to a set amount of items and semicolons. Edited April 2014: In windows 7/8 you may see extra space after you copy the text to notepad.If another tab appears showing the selected user’s calendar, then the access to the Domino server and that the operations done through the Lotus Notes mail client API are executed properly.

The Lotus message test tool is located in the /Install Files folder. To test just the query user credentials enter the same username in the Search user calendar section.

The query user has maximum rights to all users calendars, and we recommend that the query user and password are only to be used in the installation process.

The query users ONLY purpose should be to set up the Lotus Notes connector in the Total View Administration.

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Background on Lotus Notes public keys Every Lotus Notes user's ID file stores a pair of extremely important security keys: the private key and the public key.

After creating the , the Lotus mail client should be set up and ready to be used.