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Updating dataset without dataadapter

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If Update is called and the appropriate command does not exist for a particular update (for example, no Delete Command for deleted rows), an exception will be thrown.Command parameters can be used to specify input and output values for an SQL statement or stored procedure for each modified row in a Data Set.

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Sql Parameter Parms(0) = New Sql Parameter("@User_ID", userid) Return (Exec Query("usp_Expense_Reser ID", Parms)) End Function and then bound to the gridview like: dsv = Load Master(userid) Dim bs As New Binding Source() bs. Da needs to be created with the select statement used to get the data (or at least the correct schema, it doesn't have to return rows).Then use the command builder to have it make the update statements for you. Stored Procedur You will still need to set your parameters for the update stored procedure like do in the other code.(The select doesn't actually have to get data, it just has to touch the correct table to get its schema.) If you can't write SQL statements. Question, "Confirmation") If res = vb Yes Then Try cmd. Once your update command object is all setup you should only need to do something like: da.the 2 datagridveiw I want the user to be able to change the information in the datagridview itself and click the same update button and changes get made. If so you might need to get an Update Stored Procedure from whom ever and use that as your "Update Statement" in your data adapter.In order to use a Command Builder, the data adapter needs to have a valid sqlcommand object that is a "SELECT" statement. Information, "Confirmation") If res = vb Yes Then Try Data Grid View2. Update() line You might wanna take a look at the following articles that explains what's going on Data ok Here is the thing.... If you are trying to get results from the database server that have changed, the Update method won't help you.

Dim cb as New Ole Db Command Builder(da) ^^^^ could be SQL Just put that immediately before the da. Data Source = bs my button click event is: Dim res As String If (ds. Has Changes) Then res = Msg Box("Do you wish to Update? End Edit() Dim cb As New Sql Command Builder(da) da. or with changes that have been made to the database from some where else?

When the Ms Db2Data Adapter encounters a change to a Data Row, it uses Insert Command, Update Command, or Delete Command to process the change.

This enables you to maximize the performance of your ADO.

For more information, see Using Parameters with the DB2 Data Adapter.

If your Data Table maps to or is generated from a single database table, you can take advantage of the Command Builder object to automatically generate the Delete Command, Insert Command, and Update Command of the Data Adapter.

Continue Update On Error to true before calling Update, and respond to the error information stored in the Row Error property of a particular row when the Update is completed.