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Updating mame

000000000022D408: 00000000010DA4E9 (not found) 000000000022D410: 000007FF7FC79230 (iob 0x0060) 000000000022D418: 000000000489D75E (not found) 000000000022D420: 000000000022D418 (not found) 000000000022D428: 000000000022D418 (not found) 000000000022D430: 000000000022D580 (not found) 000000000022D438: 0000000000000000 (not found) 000000000022D440: 000007FF7250CF40 (Sym Function Table Access) 000000000022D448: 000007FF7250D390 (Sym Get Module Base64) 000000000022D450: 000007FF725B6950 (Mini Dump Write Dump 0x8c1f0) 000000000022D4D0: 0000000077D8C0FD (Dos Date Time To File Time 0x00bd) It seems that disc games are getting new metadata, and subsequently new SHA1s.

updating mame-37updating mame-60updating mame-51

For now, if you’re using the ROMAlyzer / Collection Rebuilder to manage your ROMs, please use an for “hapyfsh2”, which is the first and (so far) only set that’s blowing it up due to QByte Array’s 2 GB limitation (BT #142).), some nice performance and stability improvements, as well as a bit of new stuff.There’s also work going on that will eventually allow users to create his / her own on the make command line.With MAME, this information is got from the executable.The database can also contains the "genre" of a game and its "players compatibility".I'm just trying to help sharing information *** I just finished converting a complete set of 0.145u1 CHDs and scanning with CMP 4.03a with chdman properly set to V5 and path to it properly set. chdman 0.145u1 CRC32: F4D4CFDB MD5: 9499D54BAF3F88385C86D773C65BE5B7 SHA-1: 6064A4875AB7E04D590246B42782BD6D0D27198A Hp XV It is correct behavior for CHTR type CHD-CDs to change SHA1s on conversion because the metadata is updated to CHT2.

Such discs were made with a pre-2008 version of CHDMAN and should have been marked as BAD_DUMP once CHDMAN gained the capability to preserve gap data.

By default m Galaxy lists the roms as they are named, but sometimes - and this is the case with Mame's roms - the rom's name is abbreviated.

That's the reason why we need a database file that will help to substitute the (abbreviated) rom's name for a "nice" game name.

Besides a few important bug-fixes we’ve improved a number of primarily software-list related things, added support for system- and software-manuals and made each component’s current tab switchable via context-menus of the tab-headers. Note also that we’ve just recently discovered a restriction of the ROMAlyzer / Collection Rebuilder in that it doesn’t support individual dumps that are larger than 2 GB.

We know how to “fix” this, but the change is rather big, so it’s been postponed for after this release.

This version comes with a number of more or less important bug-fixes and improvements for system- and software-notes, software-lists and QMC2 Arcade (which also supports the icon cache database now). The source code is now available in the download section.